Đồng nghĩa của underwriting

Alternative for underwriting

underwrites, underwrote, underwriting, underwritten

Đồng nghĩa: cover, insure, subvent, subvention,


Present participle for to agree to provide money for
financing funding backing sponsoring subsidising subsidizing supporting insuring bankrolling guaranteeing paying capitalising capitalizing endowing floating staking paying for securing contributing to providing for subscribing providing security taking the risk for providing capital for providing financing providing security for footing the bill for picking up the tab for promoting investing in grubstaking helping maintaining putting up the money for picking up the check picking up the tab assisting putting money into juicing patronizing patronising keeping shelling out for acting as guarantor of ponying up for coughing up for forking out for buttressing aiding buying into investing sinking money into shoring up laying out money on spending money on providing finance for giving support to buying shares in splashing out on providing money for priming the pump propping up vouching for chipping in for putting up money taking a stake in buying a stake in getting a piece of obtaining bolstering caring for fending for taking care of looking after sustaining revitalizing kickstarting crowdsourcing crowdfunding absorbing propping revitalising bolstering up answering for being responsible for lending your name to acting as a guarantor for indemnifying banking furnishing credit for providing funds raising dough going for loan sharking laying on one setting up in business dowering enriching bequeathing cosigning donating money for leaving money for putting up collateral for giving earnest money for settling money on anteing up for pitching in for stumping up for donating money to supporting financially vesting in giving money towards bequeathing money for kicking in for providing surety for providing financial security for putting up dough giving money to getting into buying stock going in for giving a grant to making a contribution to paying a subsidy to contributing endorsing championing giving a donation to furthering advocating sanctioning encouraging favouring favoring advancing giving backing to indorsing putting up money fo settling up for financially supporting treating someone to defraying the cost of setting up fostering protecting befriending plunking for plumping for furthering the interests of opening doors giving a boost to forwarding subscribing to giving facilitating cooperating benefiting benefitting profiting advising reenforcing bailing out reinforcing launching delivering mentoring backstopping nurturing abetting making prosperous making wealthy making affluent succouring succoring making rich making richer making well-off paving the way for lending support to feathering nest lining nest


Something deposited or pledged as a guarantee of the fulfillment of an undertaking or loan
security guarantee pledge insurance protection collateral cover safeguard surety backing bond gauge gage hostage indemnity pawn asylum bail custody earnest guaranty warrant contract covenant safety measure assurance warranty indemnification deposit token promise agreement deal payment down payment coverage word undertaking oath commitment certificate recognisance recognizance endorsement compact obligation vow avowal pact engagement instalment installment parole troth counter solemn word poker chip hostage to fortune front money provision deed advance compensation captive prisoner monetary deposit escrow reimbursement life assurance allowance life insurance support written promise gambit forfeit financial guarantee detainee financial protection certification attestation bargain understanding transaction scapegoat internee victim settlement treaty charter testament concordat accord stake word of honour debenture convention prepayment retainer sacrificial lamb betrothal profession swearing espousal promissory note affirmation asseveration consent sacred word marriage stipulation word of honor affiance plight swear earnest money binder security deposit disbursement credit drop advance payment money up front part payment partial payment arrangement entente disposition protocol indenture alliance handshake concord negotiation assertion gentlemen's agreement gentleman's agreement declaration acknowledgment document acknowledgement compromise concession commission lease affidavit approval business league truce sworn statement armistice paper pactum account concordance acceptance meeting of minds meeting of the minds piece of paper tacit agreement verbal agreement unspoken agreement unwritten agreement instrument record trust papers dicker reconciliation sanction cartel averment permit terms accommodation writ adjudication privilege licence resolution solemn oath prearrangement codicil recognition solemn promise solemn declaration international agreement proclamation right franchise note avouchment statement common view quid pro quo the nod decision accordance harmony concurrence assent adjuration protestation testimony prerogative reassurance lock shoo-in deposition toast health sworn declaration conveyance endowment grant allotment license patent lock on rain or shine sure thing nonformal agreement affair matter proceeding sale action enterprise event trade coup proceedings occurrence intercourse happening activity buying act selling purchasing purchase step play disposal business deal


Support from an important, renowned figure of a media (celebrity, politics, sports, etc), to get back up

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