Đồng nghĩa của mainstay

Alternative for mainstay

mainstay /'meinstei/
  • danh từ
    • (hàng hải) dây néo cột buồm chính
    • (nghĩa bóng) chỗ dựa chính, rường cột, trụ cột


A person or thing on which something else is based or depends


An advocate or champion of a particular cause or idea
protagonist advocate champion exponent supporter backer promoter proponent standard-bearer adherent upholder advocator apostle booster espouser expounder friend gospeler gospeller herald hierophant leader paladin torch-bearer tub-thumper spokesman spokesperson spokeswoman torchbearer agonist character combatant exemplar high priest idol prime mover true believer warrior white knight moving spirit good guy lead character leading role campaigner helper impresario arranger entrepreneur stalwart organizer sponsor agent marketer ally endorser advertiser follower organiser developer publicist PR woman PR man defender patron partisan apologist well-wisher propagandist protector fan crusader benefactor proposer second seconder evangelist enthusiast angel benefactress subscriber pleader pioneer Maecenas guardian believer missionary hero sympathizer heroine sympathiser guarantor collaborator underwriter knight financier vindicator fighter subsidizer guru surety speaker battler investor plugger subsidiser representative propounder saviour savior benefactrice ambassador benefactrix interpreter commentator demonstrator propagator lobbyist admirer elucidator arguer expositor illustrator groupie devotee messenger converter companion witness rooter explainer idolizer philanthropist donor votary challenger henchman counsellor reformer activist sugar daddy donator fairy godmother contributor grubstaker money staker suspender pillar paraclete bearer sustainer brace abider support counselor speaker for battler for spokeswoman for spokesperson for campaigner for spokesman for guide financer head encourager front fellow traveller confederate bedfellow abetter abettor fighter for crusader for meal ticket patron saint fairy godparent quisling conspirator accomplice fraternizer fellow traveler


A pole or beam used as a temporary support or to keep something in position
prop brace stay support buttress shore post stanchion truss beam pile pole shaft strut upright bolster column mount mounting pier piling pillar reinforcement spur underpinning vertical rod sprag stick crutch leg strengthener point d'appui abutment structure counterfort flying buttress bracket joist batten bracer girder boom stave skid guy rib bar cantilever block band arm sustainer rafter bearing staff lever splint stake pedestal pilaster base frame plinth mast substructure paling spar footing pale palisade crosspiece standard stilt stud rest foundation platform timber backing picket bulwark plank spike rail baluster trestle pylon bed crossbar jamb newel underprop holder rack stand framework hold obelisk foot cutwater groundwork cornerstone strip tower scaffolding balk scantling substratum lath shoring cane stringer lintel baton caryatid sill monolith bedding peg foothold telamon herm reach axle gird colonnade baulk transverse bail two-by-four wire tether subfloor supporter trussing shroud shelf truncheon underpropping joint horse trivet chock bottom spoke billet shank fixture end flagpole flagstaff dowel fulcrum chassis subframe roof beam stele peristyle sile minaret monument cylinder totem setting mace rule rampart scaffold panel cradle device arch back medium stiffener guide collar flotation means sustentation lining support system bollard gatepost puncheon milepost stock marker doorpost lightpost fencepost fence post upright support boundary marker king post finger post beanpole vault end bridge end jutting piece arch end end piece board purlin transom summer RSJ collar beam hammer beam tie beam

Trái nghĩa của mainstay

mainstay Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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