Đồng nghĩa của take the cure


To refrain from doing something
abstain avoid desist eschew forbear refrain renounce shun decline forgo keep refuse abandon quit do without give up go without hold back kick cease constrain curb cut out evade fast fence-sit pass relinquish starve stop withhold have done with jack in pack in keep from pass up sit out stay neutral not take sides give the go by sit on one's hands discontinue drop finish halt break off leave off abjure forswear stop oneself dispense with reject leave alone forsake arrest interrupt restrain resist check fight shy of not touch steer clear of resist the temptation to inhibit swear off give a wide berth to avoid doing have nothing to do with be temperate not do take the pledge go on the wagon end break conclude can suspend terminate close belay determine pack it in surcease forbear from elapse lay off kick the habit dead-end call it a day desist from wrap up knock off cut off sew up hang it up abstain from break up let up not continue get on the wagon give over wind up kick over quit cold pack up call it quits cut it out lay off of refrain from wink out withdraw lapse expire bring to an end go die shut off call a halt to put a stop to put an end to come to an end cancel cut short axe ax pull the plug on leave complete call off bring to a halt dissolve close out abort cut bring to a close scrub shut down get out of pause abolish scrap be over round off round out ditch skip close down resign chuck withhold from call a halt draw to a close shake disappear stay vanish intermit adjourn keep off culminate resign from recess consummate give something the chop scratch sidestep dodge knock something on the head run out block bypass shirk shrink from eliminate forego kill get off fade hold off waive revoke pull out of dwindle bar settle prorogue wrap surrender ultimate bring to a stop bite the dust finish off wind down top off fade away peter out cry off come to a close melt away stop trying prevent restrain from ignore exclude obstruct stay away from shy from rein in stall escape do away with get rid of duck impede intervene skip out on phase out forfeit shelve preclude yield escape from deny yourself renege ebb disconnect finalize evaporate nip something in the bud freeze postpone rescind repeal stop oneself from restrain oneself from duck-shove funk abate back out sacrifice run away from skive off wane throw in the towel throw in the sponge annul neglect evanish back off finalise crown hold up end up prorogate become invalid duck out of back out of wriggle out of slide out of die down withdraw from come to a stop become void become obsolete bring to a standstill finish with retire from pull up nip in the bud come to a halt rule out cease to exist run its course lay aside bring to a conclusion get done hang up die out put the lid on give a rest die away pass away throw up blow over come to a standstill put the kibosh on dump close off exit pass on abdicate stand down from hold back from bring to end disrupt give something up despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat spurn fail leave out achieve succeed forlet come off jack it in throw something up fizzle out depart jack something in give up on down tools stop work head off nullify disturb cinch extinguish go cold turkey give up hope abandon hope steer clear do liquidate bring call recall turn aside from be at an end be no longer valid set aside call a stop to bring to an untimely end cap log off discharge accomplish endure dispense bring down curtain draw to close put a period to put to bed quit cold turkey stop doing lie by spell rest clear carve isolate extirpate usurp remove delete snub exsect sever marginalize extract overlook oust excise disjoin dissever separate interpose disunite part interfere with cut into say goodbye to break into retreat drop out resolve clean up finish up knock it off stop midstream fold up be put to bed cut loose button up button down put a lid on shutter clinch keep away from manage without bag it blow off transpire sunder fold antedate tie up loose ends be through with come to the end carry out bring to fruition come to a conclusion round up carry through set the seal on give notice take out marginalise cut dead take away give something a miss slip away be no more fly by put paid to dispose of switch off wind something up precede pull the plug back off from avert break the habit of check out from preexist predate antecede get shut of get shot of kibosh skirt surcease from call it quits on trail off go by tail off prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in prevent yourself from curtail remit delay divorce jilt skive skirt round pass by miss out on defer shorten abbreviate clip abridge bilk desert rationalize backpedal welsh excuse pigeonhole sink leave unfinished stop dead stop cold stop short break short stop in full flow prohibit wither subside wilt part with part from table put off reschedule dust off break with forget about hinder debar disband turn your back on eighty-six write off wipe out moderate weaken recede decay lessen decrease diminish mothball put aside hold over back down weasel out get out use pretext have alibi rationalise cop out slacken evanesce degenerate retrograde deteriorate crumble bate droop put on hold stave off push back lay on the table hold put on back burner count out put back take a rain check on put in abeyance file procrastinate inactivate put on the back burner hang fire retard pink-slip put in cold storage keep in abeyance put on ice lay over omit protract put on the shelf hold in abeyance disqualify interdict molder dilapidate moulder estop obviate forestall forbid miss shuffle off run low fade out wear away fall away ease off go down grow less go dead go downhill give the slip make it impossible for make it impracticable for forfend deter make impossible ward make impracticable elude forget finesse scape body-swerve not attend let slide scrimshank leave undone lose sight of play truant from weasel out of creep skimp on parry dog cheat be lax about be remiss about lie down on job fence get around not attend to shuffle out of slough off cop out of bob off bludge pay no attention to pay little attention to frustrate hamper still catch hobble stem staunch hesitate falter waver immobilize teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp stumble whiffle immobilise draw up bring up be suspended put a sock in be broken off shilly-shally be abandoned wiggle-waggle blow the whistle on draw to a stand hang back stand still hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill come to rest fetch up

Trái nghĩa của take the cure

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