Đồng nghĩa của antecede


To announce the arrival of something
usher in begin foreshadow portend ring in start announce give notice of herald inaugurate initiate introduce launch show in signal cause get going mark the start of precede allow to happen bring in clear the way for get under way kick off lead to open the way for open up pave the way for put in place set in motion set the scene for smooth the path of get off the ground open the door to put in motion commence establish institute pioneer set up originate open found innovate create bring into being constitute plant start off enter into install bring about instigate instal organize organise set going start up lay the first stone of get underway make up embark on start the ball rolling lay the foundations of present usher invent unveil enter bring forward set forth instate enact induct trigger intro activate get the show on the road fall to get going on start ball rolling take up lead off break the ice embark upon strike into get ball rolling dream up lay the cornerstone of enter upon pave the way get off get things rolling broach propose offer start ball rolling on develop preface open the door jumps-tart break in bow bring up the curtain on name plan knock down fix up take the lead in admit phase in get show on road start on mastermind jump into roll out break the seal get going with float bring out burst into debut break into facilitate put forward celebrate signify betoken proclaim mark actuate put in kick-start take action on set about trigger off get cracking on set off come out with come up with commence on get one's feet wet sow the seeds of set the ball rolling on break the ice on

Trái nghĩa của antecede

antecede Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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