Đồng nghĩa của not do


To cease to proceed or act
desist cease stop abstain discontinue suspend end forbear refrain belay break off conclude give up keep kick leave off drop eschew forgo give over hold back quit abandon avoid halt have done with pause refrain from relinquish resign surcease yield dispense with lay off knock off pack in pack up call a halt to call a stop to renounce withhold shun abjure forswear finish stop oneself reject do without leave alone forsake arrest curb interrupt restrain pass resist check fight shy of not touch steer clear of resist the temptation to inhibit swear off jack in sit out give a wide berth to pass up avoid doing have nothing to do with be temperate take the cure take the pledge go on the wagon desist from terminate cut out break up can let up wind up abstain from close break elapse cut off expire dead-end put a stop to call it a day wink out bring to an end call it quits lapse determine die put an end to lay off of cut short cancel go forbear from keep from shut off bring to a halt withhold from pull the plug on refuse scrub axe complete get out of hold off pack it in close out wrap up ax bring to a close rescind repeal not continue avert revoke evade forego abort scrap skip go without come to an end restrain from stay away from culminate shy from kill finish off skip out on withdraw shut down bring to a stop get off head off decline call recall waive dodge preclude shirk shake draw to a close bypass escape cry off sidestep shrink from be over prevent leave block skirt steer clear nullify call off break the habit of nip in the bud come to a close set aside obviate pull out of rein in back out of dissolve deny yourself abolish wind down fend off ward off escape from intermit round out round off scratch adjourn ultimate close down stay run out die down put the kibosh on kick the habit eliminate stave off quit cold cut it out keep off postpone rest kick over give a rest pass on jack it in abrogate starve fast constrain fence-sit ditch leave out remit bridle omit go cold turkey forlet sacrifice achieve succeed down tools stop work shelve withcall lay aside wrap extinguish recess bring to a conclusion prorogue prorogate annul bring to an untimely end stop doing lie by spell stay neutral restrain oneself restrain yourself decline to go easy fail cut thwart foil throw in the towel stop trying throw in the sponge phase out bring to a standstill get rid of do away with intervene bag it separate give something the chop knock something on the head interpose disunite disconnect disjoin blow off dissever part come to a stop not take sides immobilize stem turn back sit on one's hands give the go by deactivate immobilise delay defer intercept hold up stay away circumvent get around shake off withstand back off quit cold turkey forfend stonewall sew up get on the wagon hang it up consummate help neutralise defend against turn aside shut out save keep from happening cinch crown come to a halt come to a standstill bring back off from check out from hinder interfere with negate make up for neutralize impede counterbalance prohibit counteract anticipate stop dead draw to a halt come to rest fade away peter out kibosh call it quits on surcease from nip something in the bud bring down curtain draw to close put a period to put the lid on top off put to bed die away get done end up die out stop in one's tracks fizzle out cool it run its course reach a standstill collapse drop out of pull up hold stand knock it off call a halt stop midstream resign from restrain oneself from prevent oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to cease to indulge in stop oneself from

Trái nghĩa của not do

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