Đồng nghĩa của see eye to eye


To agree, especially in every respect
agree be in accord be in agreement be in sympathy be united concur sympathise sympathize think as one feel a rapport get along get on be of the same mind be of the same opinion have the same opinion be on the same wavelength see things the same way accord be in harmony harmonise harmonize assent be compatible be down with be as one man accede be friendly acquiesce go along go along with be of the same opinion as be as one be of the same mind as be on the same wavelength as be on friendly terms hit it off relate like gel work well with own up to own fess up to hold allow concede confess admit fess acknowledge engage grant be well disposed to side with support back favour align with approve of favor be sympathetic towards be in favour of be en rapport with pass on concert team up collaborate correspond fall in be together band together join band cut a deal conjoin combine okay league come together coadjute consent accept conspire be consonant with unite cooperate agree to equal jibe meet approve be in accordance shake on avow recognize recognise profess own up let on fess up affirm yield declare reveal come clean disclose appreciate confirm sing open up 'fess up divulge assert state realize proclaim aver confide leak realise narrate make known certify blurt out tell all about make public cop to take on board spill the beans about tell the truth make a clean breast spill your guts bring to light make a clean breast of blow the lid off get off chest come out of the closet come out bring into the open cede suppose express utter cop make clean breast allow to be valid admit as true see cognize know perceive note cooperate with acquiesce in be aware of be conscious of bow to concur with accede to attest to defer to fold ditto compromise waive award subscribe to take an oath cop a plea come out of closet be wise to maintain yes one say uncle cry uncle cave in announce go with the flow bury the hatchet throw in the towel play ball with protest asseverate prove manifest warrant insist avouch contend allege claim purport attest evince cough discover admit guilt vow vouch accept responsibility chirp vent post squeal weasel unload accept blame unbosom oneself finger plead guilty tell all blow snitch fink be completely honest soapbox talk big predicate croon make out stump constate swear on bible cross heart act as if get on soapbox depose blow hot air spout say so swear up and down spiel spill your guts about clue in self-declare dump on let the cat out of the bag self-respond self-disclose humble oneself make clean breast of sound off level with spill the beans tip hand get something off your chest go public with rat on make a clean breast of things let the cat out of the bag about self-report open one's heart self-divulge spit out make a clean breast of it expose spill uncover indicate communicate talk bare tell unveil let out squeal about give away go into details get something off one's chest cough up blow the gaff on

Trái nghĩa của see eye to eye

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