Đồng nghĩa của panoply

Alternative for panoply

panoply /'pænəpli/
  • danh từ
    • bộ áo giáp
    • bộ đầu đủ (vật gì)


Articles or items made from fabric or leather used to enwrap the body
clothing clothes dress gear wear apparel duds garments threads attire get-up outfit clobber costume raiment togs vestments wardrobe garb ensemble finery habit habits vesture habiliments turnout costumery garms kit rags rig rigging toggery vestiary wearables weeds accouterment array regalia rigout schmutter trappings caparison civvies covering drag drapery fashion frippery frock habiliment tog livery mufti overclothes sportswear tailleur tatters trousseau underclothes vestment articles of clothing rig-out articles of dress full feather glad rags hand-me-downs uniform suit garment getup strip robe robes guise gown things Sunday best accoutrements regimentals disguise shift accouterments drapes equipment skirt equipage muumuu set of clothes dry goods tunic cassock alb drape smock accoutrement attirement baggage orale toga feathers bib and tucker evening clothes outfits best gaiety gayety feather bravery full dress collection of clothes rig out personal attire stole hood cincture dud trapping apparatus implements raiments casual bedclothes work formal camouflage effects colours amice style mode cover national dress colors pinafore coat whistle chasuble surplice tuxedo article of clothing apron item of clothing item of dress riding clothes riding dress dress suit veil cloak trouser suit gray flannel whistle and flute fine clothes shroud commode armoire dresser chiffonier trunk costumes ensembles suits buffet bureau chest bridal goods wedding apparel gowns attires get-ups uniforms frocks clobbers vestures kits arrays wardrobes togas riggings rigs vestiaries getups muumuus guises skirts regalias turnouts cassocks albs smocks tunics veils shrouds cloaks pinafores aprons stripes khaki OD chasubles surplices cinctures amices hoods stoles olive drab monkey suit coordinated outfit covers items of clothing liveries shawls mantles capotes capes wraps manteaus nightshirts wedding dresses ball gowns evening dress nightdresses nightgowns wrappers dolmans negligee kimonos bathrobes peignoirs housecoats robes de chambre dressing gowns djellabas kanzus dishdashas

Trái nghĩa của panoply

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