Đồng nghĩa của anti discrimination


Fair, just, or impartial
equitable fair just impartial unbiased dispassionate even-handed right unprejudiced fair-minded honest proper reasonable rightful disinterested due egalitarian non-discriminatory objective unbigoted conscientious good honorable honourable scrupulous upright balanced candid decent equal evenhanded indifferent neutral nondiscriminatory nonpartisan non-partisan open-minded proportionate sensible square uncoloured above board cricket ethical even-steven fair-to-middling impersonal justifiable level moral stable uncolored upfront without fear or favour fair and square fair shake square deal with no axe to grind on the level on the up and up detached virtuous straight righteous legitimate trustworthy principled lawful uninvolved sincere blameless aboveboard liberal tolerant enlightened fair-and-square clean legal legit kosher on the up-and-up pukka uncorrupted frank civil rational nondiscriminating uncommitted upstanding right-minded on up-and-up unslanted independent on-the-fence nonaligned middle-of-the-road pure according to the rules without favouritism respectable conscionable incorruptible noble true truthful without favor free from discrimination reliable dependable on the fence full of integrity stand-up broad-minded progressive accepting catholic free permissive undogmatic unprescriptive acceptive understanding acceptant perceptive prejudice-free non-judgemental observant non-aligned free-thinking freethinking high-minded worthy nice reputable law-abiding faithful high-principled all right anti-corruption saintly straightforward innocent correct exemplary irreproachable angelic lofty unselfish pious elevated laudable moralistic charitable benevolent morally correct dutiful godly sinless immaculate chaste unimpeachable magnanimous chivalrous saintlike admirable guiltless devout venerable meritorious trusty greathearted spiritual helpful generous kind humane devoted altruistic considerate praiseworthy religious big true-blue respected open hospitable squeaky clean clean-living creditable gallant beneficent estimable bounteous philanthropic faultless reverent big-hearted kindly kindhearted excellent thoughtful unbribable commendable of good repute great-hearted forthright bountiful right-thinking responsible distinguished loyal gracious squeaky-clean sainted divine munificent noble-minded even constant great whiter than white pure as the driven snow dedicated moderate self-righteous devotional godlike easy untainted pietistic sublime undefiled believing up front knightly hallowed prayerful perfect impeccable irreprehensible fitting lavish humble seraphic glorified god-fearing giving sympathetic unsparing holy esteemed courteous peaceable wholesome philanthropical solid incorrupt lordly true blue loose soft-touch unstinting high veracious sanctified bighearted acceptable consecrated dignified blessed unworldly spotless pietistical obedient revered venerated uncorrupt sacrosanct self-sacrificing peaceful seemly decorous equable sportsmanlike punctilious orderly profuse civilized steady uninfluenced judicial duteous unstained inculpable unswayed brave prestigious God-fearing sportsmanly outside tractable ungrudging prodigal open-handed dinkum cold genuine sound redoubtable of principle notable cultivated mannerly gentlemanlike willing natural aloof well behaved heroic valiant respectful indulgent eminent freehearted fulsome openhanded freehanded courtly lily-white kind-hearted unobjectionable illustrious humanitarian selfless guileless civilised precise polite clean-cut benign safe salt of the earth large-hearted well-mannered above-board highly regarded above reproach unerring strict warm-hearted soft-hearted circumspect sporting unemotional matchless deserving peerless compliant eleemosynary almsgiving rectitudinous condign deserved justified merited celibate modest uninterested competent warranted Christian unallied professional morally right morally acceptable without distinction matching unprepossessed clinical incorrupted favoring glorious sporty according to Hoyle G-rated vestal on-the-level submissive amenable manageable biddable conformable docile well-behaved sanctimonious courageous heedful punctual exact fastidious critical well balanced kin strictly business cool without prejudice free from self-interest on up and up sitting on the fence inoffensive chivalric intrepid bold valorous lenient favouring prim saving deferential disciplined right and proper on the square straight-arrow compassionate loving caring deified canonized ordained beatified honest-to-goodness equalitarian extremely careful thinking twice perpetual persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable unchanging untouchable dapper alright goody-goody unmarred precious daring gentlemanly proud equalized unaffiliated merciful sweet goodhearted public-spirited tender princely goodish classless equalised unaffected unimplicated canonised reserved messianic special staunch obliging neighbourly firm in proportion above suspicion democratic accommodating spirited manly quixotic fast abundant ample that takes everything into account friendly amiable unswerving plain-spoken agreeable comradely amicable edifying uplifting true-hearted supplicant sociable pleasant free-handed ready supplicating outstanding refined sure steadfast tried unwavering stanch secure trustable genial companionable regardful honoured trusted established pleading extraordinary remarkable beseeching neighborly non-erotic non-violent improving supportive calculable free-spoken round soliciting plentiful full recognized of repute reputed well thought of name well-thought-of well respected tried-and-true truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line resolute wholehearted ardent undistorted liege confirmed entreating well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up plainspoken believable meaning what one says unfeigned real veritable literal truth-telling outspoken unreserved ingenuous realistic like it is imploring equal-opportunity well known favored famous well-known renowned prominent popular famed high-ranking redoubted celebrated acclaimed copper-bottomed honored apple-pie simple suppliant supplicatory plenteous willingly given handsome unstinted no lie invigorating ruddy sane practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical sanitary normal open-faced blooming favoured with a good reputation recognised tried and trusted of good report in high favor of good standing flexible all there hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink receptive forbearing unorthodox nonconventional nonorthodox unconventional cosmopolitan unshockable radical libertarian nontraditional responsive forward-thinking advanced wide nonjudgmental untarnished free thinking without reproach in the clear of excellent character

Trái nghĩa của anti discrimination

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