Đồng nghĩa của given a bad time

Động từ

Past participle for subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation
harassed annoyed bothered harried hounded plagued tormented troubled worried badgered disturbed persecuted pestered baited exasperated hassled vexed vext bedeviled bedevilled deviled devilled provoked stressed agitated bugged chivvied nagged teased molested ridden beleaguered mithered stressed out attacked bullied bullyragged burned burnt despoiled distressed eaten forayed gnawed gnawn heckled intimidated irked irritated macerated noodged pained perplexed pursued strained tried kept on at breathed down someone's neck got to gotten to given someone grief jerked around worked on driven round the bend driven up the wall rattled one's cage driven round the twist given a hard time upset afflicted oppressed perturbed agonized embarrassed fretted beset discomposed disquieted put the squeeze on fussed weighed down agonised put out hurt sweat put your back up burnt up hacked you off tortured racked harrowed curst cursed besieged anguished excruciated haunted dogged assailed affected overwhelmed entangled hampered aggressed riled galled picked on aggravated angered nettled piqued ruffled peeved narked given the business jumped on one's case infuriated displeased fallen upon fallen on needled offended started in on given the needle incensed maddened miffed chafed gotten got enraged rankled grated rasped outraged spited grieved gripen griped frosted inflamed gravelled graveled itched flustered depressed frustrated chagrined disgusted concerned dissatisfied abraded bit bitten hacked off ticked off wound up alarmed saddened rubbed up the wrong way bummed out gotten across got across feared disconcerted sweated fazed stewed niggled burdened given someone the hump made someone see red grated on gotten on your nerves puzzled spooked rankled with gotten your back up gotten under your skin turned off psyched grinded ground driven bananas got in your hair mixed up gnawed at ailed interrupted caused concern to caused discomfort to stirred up made waves made uncomfortable made anxious flipped out made uneasy preyed on your mind

Trái nghĩa của given a bad time

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