Đồng nghĩa của succulent

Alternative for succulent


Đồng nghĩa: juicy,


Delicious and pleasing to taste
delicious appetising appetizing scrumptious tasty delectable delish flavourful flavoursome mouthwatering savoury toothsome flavorful moreish palatable yummy flavorous flavorsome luscious savory scrummy tasteful ambrosial choice dainty toothy ambrosian lush nectarean nectareous rich sapid comestible divine heavenly peng finger-licking mouth-watering finger-lickin' tempting piquant sweet inviting yum-yum nummy yummo juicy good enticing edible nectarous eatable delightful appealing saporous aperitive exquisite sweetened lekker spicy sugar-coated nutritive good-tasting enjoyable pleasant-tasting tangy mellow ripe rare tender adorable pleasant very palatable very enjoyable attractive digestible wholesome nice satisfying lip-smacking harmless esculent out of this world flavory eating fit for a king fit to eat full-flavored fit nutritious honeyed desirable tantalizing tantalising gratifying agreeable drinkable gorgeous moist sumptuous nectarious magnificent delicate titillating pleasing full of flavor pungent fair saporific home-cooking relishing cool passable peachy A-OK zestful full-flavoured enchanting wonderful ingestible well-prepared well-seasoned safe to eat consumable eatworthy fit to be eaten nourishing good to eat fit for human consumption chewable soft tenderized dietary fit for consumption safe culinary kosher fit to be consumed mushy tenderised not tough easily chewed absorbable bite-sized engaging fragrant highly flavoured strong tart highly-seasoned strong-flavored highly-flavoured gingery strongly flavoured zingy highly flavored zesty highly seasoned nippy peppery

Trái nghĩa của succulent

succulent Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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