Đồng nghĩa của unaltered

Alternative for unaltered

unaltered /'ʌn'ɔ:ltəd/
  • tính từ
    • không thay đổi, không sửa đổi; còn nguyên


Not changed or modified
same unchanging unchanged changeless unvarying unvaried invariable perpetual unaffected unfailing constant consistent uniform regular unrestored untransformed unreconstructed static frozen stable fixed untouched firm continuous unmoved steady uninterrupted unmodified resolute eternal permanent continuing unbothered undeviating unwavering unfluctuating even invariant reliable immutable predictable inflexible persistent continual rigid true dependable unalterable unchangeable set homogeneous lasting sustained ceaseless orderly monotonous equable unrelieved habitual unmodifiable undiversified matching unfading unbroken level abiding enduring straight stabile unswerving homogenous balanced metrical alike incommutable fast inalterable hard-and-fast expected immovable true to type not changing incessant never-ending interminable unceasing unabated stationary unabating non-stop imperishable unremitting relentless never-changing ageless sure infallible boundless endless certain never-failing inexhaustible steadfast can't-miss fail-safe loyal unlimited surefire faithful undying unerring unflagging staunch bottomless tried and true come-through solid diligent tried and tested unrelenting assiduous absolute dyed-in-the-wool trustworthy unshakable tried-and-true delivering counted on rock solid there similar equivalent identical equal incorrigible compatible plumb symmetrical fateful well-proportioned ordered systematic consonant irreversible ossified fated methodical smooth monolithic normal well-balanced of a piece


Pure or untarnished
perfect consummate absolute complete downright outright pure full out-and-out sheer total unqualified utter all-out categoric categorical definite flat-out profound rank real regular simple stark straight-out thorough thoroughgoing unadulterated unconditional unmitigated veritable arrant authentic confirmed eternal extraordinary fair genuine habitual in every respect perpetual unalloyed unblemished undying unremitting untarnished clean clear-cut double-dyed dyed-in-the-wool everlasting undiluted unrestricted untouched blooming flat dead dreadful plumb deadly stone cotton-picking blank crashing bodacious very positive entire unequivocal plain unreserved deep-dyed unlimited right whole clear comprehensive proper unmixed gross exhaustive solid infernal plenary unambiguous explicit undivided extreme straight blasted direct ultimate conclusive wholesale wholehearted surpassing certain right-down through and through final full-scale blessed confounded unmodified blatant grand firm undiminished true refined straight out unrestrained unquestionable unmistakable indubitable purified unbounded emphatic actual prize undeniable overall full-bore naked broad unabridged glaring decisive express inclusive unquestioning integral overt all-fired sure intact compleat unrelieved patent obvious without reservations all out full-on undisguised no catch flawless infinite sweeping full-blown extensive assured resolute inveterate unblended unvarnished unstinting unbroken flagrant wide abundant unconstrained in-depth point-blank all-inclusive terminal one hundred per cent natural constant immaculate no ifs ands or buts all-encompassing resounding limitless mere unhesitating palpable raw bona fide fixed supreme steadfast implicit uncontaminated unfaltering sterling overarching decided bloody intense encyclopedic specific brazen fine detailed universal uncompromising neat compendious all-embracing out and out barefaced irrefutable definitive open global cyclopedic embracive unalleviated far-reaching endless uncontrolled panoramic determinate omnibus ample wide-ranging true-blue encyclopaedic broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in no holds barred no kicker no strings no fine print in depth without reservation bright royal utmost overwhelming faultless candid pronounced frank incessant chronic quite single altogether honest customary unmistaken continuous serious crass very great combined sincere unpolluted unrelenting usual transparent all systematic unimpaired maximal outstanding signal singular conspicuous marked adamant assertive insistent maximum determined egregious bald capital intensive unstinted forthright peremptory composite aggregate shameless unregenerate pristine optimum blunt enduring abiding never-failing steady effusive gushing integrated stone-cold uncorrupted wholesome unadorned monstrous atrocious infamous notorious vile relentless austere concentrated apodictic through-and-through rigid unabated point blank rightly so called unsurpassed unembellished intemerate undisputed severe untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending totalitarian uninterrupted oppressive no strings attached convinced confident persistent unsoftened harsh grim no joke without limit without qualification in every way satisfied unwavering doubtless persuaded umbrella blanket catholic eminent concrete distilled unprocessed filtered clarified 24-carat widespread eclectic coast-to-coast interdisciplinary wall-to-wall radical nationwide countrywide cross-disciplinary broad-ranging self-assured self-conceited self-confident expansive across the board multidisciplinary general unshaken affirmative cold free from doubt unclouded unmingled classic encircling the big picture of great scope across-the-board synoptic the works containing lock stock and barrel the whole shebang comprising discursive indisputable hard forceful cocksure incontestable incontrovertible inarguable factual forcible 100% pukka kosher last convincing deciding clinching unshakeable unshakable twenty-four carat pure and simple completing nailed down concluding state-of-the-art finishing settling reliable closing limiting precise terminating ending determining embedded constructive virtual practical accurate inevitable implicative inarticulate intrinsic hidden inferential unquestioned unuttered contained plentiful plenteous copious adequate itemized long itemised choate uncut largest most earnest unexpressed unspoken undeclared taken for granted tacit implied understood latent inferred unsaid uttermost undoubting committed heartfelt sovereign omnipotent unswerving infallible ardent nth top max solemn matchless peerless preeminent plenipotentiary unfettered swift prompt rapid true blue unfailing sworn staring shallow straightforward simplistic formal unconditioned strict naive glib pat jejune open-ended paramount with no strings obedient unthinking automatic excellent unsurpassable errant perfected ideal inimitable transcendent impeccable finished black and white binding guaranteed exact undoubted superlative predominant staunch fervent zealous enthusiastic unflinching hearty farthest manifest unbound tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful boundless farthermost dedicated devoted dinkum compelling imperative irreversible commanding vigorous energetic outermost furthermost stalwart unfeigned warm stone cold nailed-on vehement furthest loyal impassioned passionate fullhearted major unchallengeable obligatory unappealable remotest highest outmost enormous biggest topmost whole-hearted endmost aftermost greatest aggressive violent full-blooded muscular strenuous dynamic distinct hundred percent whole-souled last straw ultra out of bounds chief too much farthest away too-too worst case furthest away greatest amount of greatest possible ringing trenchant impressive evident pointed sober significant cogent accented dogmatic potent stressed important for a face no mistake inflexible unbreakable iron cast-iron set in stone most distant most extreme

Trái nghĩa của unaltered

unaltered Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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