Đồng nghĩa của having seen better days


Damaged or shabby to the point of being no longer usable
worn out shabby tattered threadbare worn crumbling dilapidated faded frayed holey in ribbons in tatters moth-eaten patched ragged well worn broken-down decrepit deteriorated in holes in rags scruffy seedy shoddy sorry tatty tumbledown worn to shreds falling to pieces grotty raggedy ratty run down time-worn clapped out decrepit. in ruins raggedy-ass rent warby battered decaying falling apart at the seams ramshackle run-down worse for wear beat up broken down falling apart falling down in disrepair on its last legs the worse for wear old worn-out neglected tatterdemalion tacky dog-eared mean unkempt down at heel mangy down-at-heel beat-up scrubby miserable timeworn down-at-the-heels dumpy sleazy grungy bombed-out poor used ruined damaged untidy dingy out at elbows overused overworked busted destroyed dinged totaled lined wizened grubby dowdy dirty torn wrung out pegged out well-worn worn-down disfigured decayed rickety bedraggled degenerated meager tired ruinous desolate bare poverty-stricken meagre deteriorating pitiful slipshod split rundown ripped gone to seed poorly maintained ragtag scraggy poorly made shaggy crude frazzled desultory unpressed down at the heel shredded badly worn full of holes badly dressed contemptible unfinished impaired injured frowzy used-up down-at-the-heel in shreds squalid scuzzy weather-beaten filthy yucky derelict rough disheveled dishevelled crummy messy slummy broken in ruins wretched gone to rack and ruin distressed disreputable impoverished rugged untended rumpty sloppy antiquated tumble-down torn to pieces shopworn in a state of disrepair ill-maintained seen better days sordid scabby hackneyed stale trite passé old-fashioned outmoded out of date unpleasant ancient seamy cheap skanky slovenly unmaintained effete outworn trashy creaky creaking wrecked scungy low superannuated unsound all the worse for wear slimy dodgy base on the rocks down and dirty in a bad way badly maintained uncared-for diseased scaly beaten-up clapped-out disordered poor-looking cure pot scroungy rank mucky indigent sick sticky gunky gungy unravelled unravelling downgone peaked shattered knocked around insalubrious unprepossessing well-thumbed well-read uncared infirm in poor condition yellowed low-class shambly crumbly marred unraveling worn through unraveled quavering shaking crippled flimsy insubstantial haggard fragile anile shacky shaky in bad repair out of condition below par in bad condition under par worn thin tawdry tasteless gaudy vulgar raunchy unimproved beat cast-off passe sere etiolated useless shot depleted skeezy limp paltry cut lacerated slit kitsch showy nasty garish démodé disadvantaged deprived hand-me-down fallen-in uncared for beaten up fallen in rinky-dink flash Brummagem common loud second-rate dressed in rags banal severed cracked separated hackney cliche obligatory hack cobwebby cliché-ridden stereotyped aged stock musty commonplace dated flashy naff needy destitute uncouth unkept weathered ostentatious out-of-date unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky stodgy frumpy wrinkled clichéd hoary underprivileged wrenched burst gashed fractured ruptured mangled sliced slashed cleaved snapped unoriginal corny dying declining cheap and nasty old hat waning in bad taste ghetto depressed ghost shanty collapsing degenerating cut open skid row abandoned failing perishing forsaken languishing rotten oxidising oxidizing eroding in decline rusting on the decline penniless breaking up on the way out wearing away breaking down penurious impecunious hard up badly off in want in need on the breadline on your uppers on your beam-ends without two pennies to rub together


Very old or old-fashioned
archaic antiquated obsolete outmoded old-fashioned superannuated ancient bygone antique prehistoric anachronistic antediluvian fossilised fossilized obsolescent primitive aged old-fangled dated dead defunct demoded discarded discontinued extinct kaput kaputt mediaeval medieval moribund mossy moth-eaten neolithic Noachian old outdated out-of-date outworn passé prehistorical rusty olden olde worlde out of date very old behind the times of yore past its prime Stone Age old fashioned old hat out of the ark unfashionable old-time quaint mouldy moldy out past out of fashion creaky superseded out of style oldfangled clunky vintage former old-world square fusty musty démodé not with it timeworn unhip venerable vieux jeu horse-and-buggy disused old-school hoary feudal primeval old-fogeyish passe backward-looking past it retro primaeval has-been immemorial frumpy traditional crusted worn-out unstylish primordial rinky-dink square-toed frumpish retrograde old-timey dowdy of old stale past its sell-by date horse and buggy parachronistic age-old dateless behindhand old-hat conservative out-of-style vanished antwacky late expired old as the hills tired hackneyed forgotten as old as the hills remote corny hoar dinosaur earliest elderly backward not current crusty early erstwhile gone lost of the old school primal fallen into disuse done bypast atavistic nonextant passé done for anachronous dead and gone exhausted tacky tasteless cheesy abandoned cobwebby historic picturesque long-standing odd styleless previous trashy fogyish unprogressive unpopular deprecated one-time inelegant fossil historical time-worn no longer in use original relic last year's pristine backwards long-gone neglected rococo disapproved departed not modern grown old sometime quondam aboriginal of olden days out of it back-number gothic belated foregone wiped out decrepit had it ancestral ended dull senescent ticky-tack ticky-tacky past one's sell-by date on its last legs senile anachronistical done to death faded threadbare overused geriatric well-established out-of-fashion obscure dusty barbaric hacky yesterday inflexible distant archaistic back number drab bent unusable fogeyish antiquarian broken-down antediluvial nostalgic old as Adam decayed old as Methuselah unoriginal once onetime demode cast-off crumbling boring lapsed stuck in time removed gentlemanly courteous retrogressive period out of commission out of use earlier clapped out redundant chivalrous ceremonious courtly classical old-style gallant craft first completed long-ago finished no longer used deep gone by unremembered unrecalled ex- unemployed stagnant fixed time-honoured rooted forepassed long-lived timeless way back way back when latter-day lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion past recall waning declining forever long-established time-honored yesterday's in oblivion sunk in oblivion water over the dam water under the bridge down memory lane autochthonic primigenial autochthonous indigenous senior doddering dying out centuries old primary untouched by humans doddery disappearing becoming obsolete ageing on the wane on the way out undesirable on the decline not fashionable rooted in the past charming aging not as young as one used to be over the hill not as young as one was not long for this world long in the tooth no spring chicken past your prime of long ago overfamiliar growing old going out of use going out of fashion colonial Victorian artful cute baroque ingenious Gothic appealing enchanting captivating affected pleasing pretty destroyed extinguished inactive exterminated doused abolished quenched died out void terminated deceased passed on snuffed out no longer known nonexistent vanquished cold fallen asleep no longer extant no longer existing unknown disappeared lifeless exanimate inexistent prior from the past folk deep-rooted usual customary initial native established preceding anterior antecedent fundamental foregoing prime domestic endemic born local long ago long gone recent older gone-by in the olden days back when in the good old days ages ago childhood from way back long forgotten heritage elemental basic radical veteran old style habitual conventional long past long departed over before the flood background last proto- lower ur- proleptical popular classic standard regular widespread accustomed taken for granted universal then home-grown nascent embryonic elementary predictable inevitable predetermined fated inescapable ordained certain unavoidable destined ex precursory spent at the time of an earlier time one time once upon a time of a former period congenital unacquired ethnic chthonic connate homegrown inherited no more accomplished elapsed uncivilised essential uncivilized underivative underlying substratal unevolved uncomplicated coarse underived budding ago whilom other pre-existing early bird dead and buried over and done with over and done precedent retired traditionalistic orthodox as was behind one ancient history familial family ultraconservative standpat reactionary lineal brassbound paleoconservative archconservative oral unwritten button-down buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line die-hard handed-down

Trái nghĩa của having seen better days

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