Đồng nghĩa của evening

Alternative for evening


Đồng nghĩa: nightfall, sundown, sunset,

Trái nghĩa: morning,

evens, evened, evening

Đồng nghĩa: equal, flat, identical, level, same, smooth, still, uniform, yet,

Trái nghĩa: irregular, odd, uneven,

Danh từ

A chance to take part or succeed in something

Danh từ

A formal evening party
soiree affair amusement at-home ball banquet barbecue bash blowout carousal carousing celebration cocktails coming-out dinner diversion do entertainment event feast festivity fete fun function gala gathering get-together luncheon occasion orgy party prom reception riot shindig social splurge spree tea cocktail party coffee klatch dinner party drinks party evening party festive occasion movable feast blast binge powwow jolly jamboree soirée thrash knees-up bunfight social event social occasion beano rave-up beanfeast shindy social gathering levee dance reunion ceremony festival carnival rave lig frolic merrymaking formal party meeting wedding reception buffet celebratory party matinee supper formal juncture meet carouse ceilidh tertulia corroboree shower luau hoedown simcha bashment cookout social function bake fund-raiser shebang beer-up bop disco fête hooley whoopee hop after-party icebreaker crack wingding rage jollo shivoo kegger ding circus meet and greet fiesta rort afterparty ding-dong squash squeeze jol wrap party bee revelry holiday escapade junketing jollification hobbyhorse high jinks joviality gaiety fun and games hobby shenanigans wassail conviviality caper indulgence horseplay revels jubilee jubilation great time romp pastime frolics game show good times shenanigan cavorting hijinks dalliance sport revel merriment saturnalia jollity bender bacchanal toot reveling revelling fest debauch hoopla junket gayety rejoicing fair bust enjoyment festivities tear debauchery revelment celebrations pageant gratification recreation blow-out rampage drunk barn dance carousel jag hullabaloo jump-up lark pleasure gambol skylarking rollick frisk partying wild party clambake ploy garden party fling discotheque feasting idyll idyl mela treat Mardi Gras gala day field day bacchanalia self-indulgence distraction divertissement singsong sing-along klatch rally conference convention tweetup roistering all-nighter wing-ding reveler congregation social meeting festive booze-up skite nosh-up tuck-in scoff cotillon cotillion dissipation block party noisy celebration parties happening festiveness social affair experience whoopla whoop-de-do saint's day vacation reveller pig out slap-up meal fundraiser kermis outing holy day concert stag roast to-do charity show charity event merry-go-round extravaganza rip high time spending expedition moveable feast special occasion mirth dancing party surprise excursion joyfulness festive event happiness levity joy satisfaction B and S festive proceedings parade eisteddfod -fest refreshment good cheer science festival festival of music and drama arts festival centenary musical festival festival of music competition birthday procession march tattoo bacchanals heyday masquerade ragbag carny cavalcade exposition rout gamble larks street fair grind show side show outdoor celebration amusement park street party good time royal reception court reception court function royal function harvest bit of fun night on the town unrestrained behavior bit of amusement night on the razzle work party communal gathering

Tính từ

Of or relating to the period towards the end of the day

Trái nghĩa của evening

evening Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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