Đồng nghĩa của inadept

Tính từ

Lacking the skills or abilities for a given task or job
inept incompetent amateurish inapt incapable inexpert substandard unfit unskilful unskilled unskillful inadequate ineffectual inefficient unqualified inferior unproficient wanting lacking unable unfitted unworkmanlike useless loser not up to scratch maladroit undexterous gauche ungainly untrained ungraceful klutzy green crude unsuitable inappropriate improper inapposite incongruous unbecoming infelicitous unseemly ill-suited indecorous amiss wrong unprofessional unfitting unbefitting untoward unladylike malapropos ungentlemanly ill-advised regrettable ill-judged misguided untimely ill-considered injudicious unfortunate inexpedient inadvisable stupid awkward ill-timed undue unhappy slow perverse tasteless unapt incorrect inopportune graceless unsuited misplaced dull tactless clumsy ill-fitted lacking in propriety out of place undesirable out of keeping inexperienced unmeet unfacile unhandy ill-adapted flat insipid jejune banal in poor taste in bad taste out of order bungling amateur blundering ineffective unequipped no good hopeless floundering weak slipshod dilettante dilettantish not cut out for unprepared nonprofessional poor deficient sloppy inefficacious jackleg bumbling insufficient ham-fisted cack-handed botched not equal to feeble cowboy disqualified skill-less bad can't hack it undependable raw not up to incapacitated shoddy ineligible pathetic lacking ability fumbling not good enough bush-league impotent inproficient a dead loss not much cop not up to snuff leaving much to be desired careless faulty half-baked unpractised hapless bodged ham-handed unreliable fumbled slapdash powerless unpracticed not up to it unaccomplished ill-equipped untalented not cut out slack extravagant prodigal slovenly shooting blanks improficient disorganized improvident incompatible hack worthless backwards lay rude botching unsophisticated bum disorganised talentless unsatisfactory unequal inoperative lousy non-qualified untaught bush imperfect couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery suboptimal subpar duff defective can't cut it not prepared losing dependent frail naive uncool butterfingers vulnerable unequal to the task uncultivated negligent not equal to something not up to something without finesse unpolished lacking finesse out of one's depth not much chop no great shakes unqualified for untrained for incapable of incompetent at unable to do something out of one's element can't make the grade uninitiated helpless unadapted not know one's arse from one's elbow less capable not have it out to lunch unable to do something for toffee heavy-handed butterfingered all thumbs all fingers and thumbs

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