Đồng nghĩa của infiltrating

Alternative for infiltrating

infiltrates, infiltrated, infiltrating

Đồng nghĩa: pass through, penetrate,

Động từ

Present participle for to confront through the use of military force
attacking invading assaulting raiding striking blitzing storming conquering penetrating securing breaching rushing besetting bombarding pillaging advancing assailing seizing ambushing infringing overwhelming plundering pouncing charging marauding combatting combating ravaging strafing encroaching occupying capturing shelling beginning hostilities descending upon firing at firing on marching into surging over swooping on taking down beginning an assault taking the offensive aggressing taking bushwhacking siccing trashing descending on setting on making an onslaught on attempting to capture conducting an offensive on taking by storm setting upon making a foray on making a raid on making a sortie on pouncing on pouncing upon laying into taking on tearing into setting in on going in surging into turning on going in on coming at jumping on foraying falling on annexing besieging foraying into searching descending advancing on making inroads on busting striking at making a swoop on launching an attack on launching oneself at making a search of making an assault on conducting a search of blindsiding smashing flying at launching an attack opening fire on swooping blasting making a raid doing over shooting down setting about overrunning harrying sallying torpedoing bombing gaining winning infecting swarming violating flooding infesting permeating swarming over overspreading pervading taking over appearing arriving marching on swooping down upon falling upon sallying forth meddling accessing overswarming trespassing parasitizing plaguing entering crashing colonizing entrenching inroading interfering burglarizing colonising looting infringing on bursting in on bursting in making inroads muscling in showing up coming in force arriving in hordes turning up dropping in

Động từ

Present participle for alter or debase, often for profit
adulterating weakening debasing contaminating corrupting diluting lacing thinning cutting defiling degrading polluting spoiling tainting bastardising bastardizing doctoring fouling mixing sullying vitiating watering down depreciating deteriorating devaluing extending sophisticating spiking attenuating doping making impure alloying amalgamating blending cheapening commingling cooking denaturing dissolving falsifying impairing infecting intermixing irrigating mingling mixing with planting ruining shaving tampering with thinning out transfusing doctoring up loading poisoning befouling soiling dirtying staining marring reducing tarnishing blighting debauching lessening profaning watering smirching abasing muddying damaging perverting diminishing drugging depraving slipping a Mickey Finn into besmirching demoralizing demoralising blemishing spotting undermining begriming injuring blackening miring mucking distaining bemiring griming gauming smudging daubing making thinner smearing tarring adding water to distorting taking the edge off demeaning warping subverting cankering sapping altering decreasing prostituting mitigating tempering desecrating making weaker thinning down offsetting rarefying making filthy blotting denigrating discoloring making unclean adding drugs to discolouring vilifying marking reducing in value worsening manipulating intoxicating envenoming reducing in quality putrefying destroying making weak making thin deaconing fixing interfering with knocking out shaming disgracing darkening touching fiddling with tinkering with festering dishonoring infesting dishonouring littering toxifying mixing something with something bestializing brutalizing moderating brutalising mongrelizing putting poison in dragging down blunting deliquescing needling liquefying diffusing qualifying softening invalidating disempowering depleting contracting radioactivating lowering splashing besmearing harming spattering enfeebling softening up deflating lightening soothing assuaging crippling devaluating disabling enervating shrinking extenuating abating calming debilitating dissipating constricting mucking up messing up making dirty

Trái nghĩa của infiltrating

infiltrating Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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