Đồng nghĩa của accultured


Past tense for make or become adjusted, adapted
acclimated adapted adjusted acclimatised acclimatized accommodated conditioned tailored shaped shope shapen fitted fit conformed fashioned accustomed habituated familiarised familiarized suited doctored edited seasoned hardened put putten toughened climatized became accustomed become accustomed got used to gotten used to acculturated reconciled attuned prepared assimilated got accustomed naturalized domesticated integrated inured got used become inured got someone accustomed become resigned naturalised resigned oneself got someone used come to accept become naturalized familiarized oneself with jacked up familiarized someone with become seasoned learned to live with come to terms with became inured became resigned became naturalized became seasoned came to accept came to terms with tuned altered tailor-made acquainted harmonized modified harmonised found your feet fitted in disciplined tempered introduced become accustomed to orientated customized proportioned matched changed settled in customised shaped up trained established set primed cut readied converted schooled oriented initiated settled composed made used complied designed blended in oriented oneself habituated oneself reconciled oneself quadrated rolled with punches cut to fit put in position learnt about played oneself in found one's way around found one's feet put in place become used to became accustomed to got a feel for gotten a feel for coordinated processed matured cultivated reared raised fortified strengthened steeled conciliated regulated treated keyed accorded indurated styled haunted taught visited frequented affected patterned resigned balanced counterbalanced softened compensated modulated arranged aged desensitized devoted addicted endured tolerated confirmed educated moulded desensitised planned aligned revised qualified mellowed case-hardened geared hung at familiarized with readjusted trimmed reshaped ripened equipped corresponded blended followed blent become acquainted with transformed squared custom-built custom-made molded personalised made personalized dovetailed made agree made ready made experienced annealed faced tweaked fixed fixt determined moderated turned mitigated located made familiar with made used to come around become established fitted in with acquainted oneself with blended in with become habituated conditioned oneself made consistent sized followed beaten path grew accustomed to grinned and bear it followed convention conditioned oneself to run with the pack grown accustomed to made appropriate for reconciled oneself to habituated oneself to plotted made fitting to oriented oneself in followed tradition disposed followed custom become resigned to made fitting for measured followed the crowd got one's bearings kept in step became used to familiarized yourself resigned oneself to made appropriate to made to order become habituated to gotten one's bearings made to measure grown used to grew used to broke in broken in gotten into the habit got into the habit equipt resorted to took to taken to became acquainted with gotten to know got to know came around swam with the stream ran with the pack gone along to get along swum with the stream went along to get along grew used became habituated grown used became habituated to became resigned to grown naturally grew wild grew naturally grown wild became established swum with the tide swam with the tide done as Romans do gotten act together got it together got act together did as Romans do gotten it together

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