Đồng nghĩa của neutralism

Alternative for neutralism

neutralism /'nju:trəlizm/
  • danh từ
    • chủ nghĩa trung lập


The state of being neutral
impartiality fairness neutrality objectivity equity detachment disinterestedness disinterest justice nonpartisanship objectiveness evenhandedness fair-mindedness equitableness open-mindedness dispassion even-handedness rightness rightfulness justness dispassionateness impartialness lack of bias honesty righteousness lack of prejudice integrity uprightness equitability equality fair shake square deal decency reasonableness goodness consideration honour right honor moderation rationality unbiasedness good faith balance legitimacy propriety distance truth veracity decorum indifference candor civility courtesy exactitude humanity seemliness charitableness charity tolerance suitability due duty candour give and take egalitarianism independence nonalignment unselfishness unprejudicedness selflessness candidness noninterference considerateness noninvolvement noninterventionism evenness impersonality rectitude probity fair play properness conscientiousness scrupulousness sensibleness honourableness non-partisanship fair treatment fair dealing without favoritism lack of discrimination lack of bigotry absence of prejudice absence of bias remoteness piece parity aloofness coolness cool nonchalance coldness unconcern reverie dreaminess woolgathering preoccupation impassiveness incuriosity brown study morality virtue truthfulness trustworthiness principle character virtuousness nobility principles sincerity purity incorruptibility fidelity faithfulness ethics upstandingness correctness high-mindedness morals dignity right-mindedness worthiness verity frankness genuineness openness incorruption honorableness courage loyalty incorruptness respect reputability reliability modesty soundness lawfulness innocence authenticity honestness impeccability confidence legality worth dependability trustiness respectability straightforwardness ethicalness chastity trueness graciousness noble-mindedness bluntness outspokenness good accuracy blamelessness actuality magnanimity credibility chivalry precision good name exactness straightness responsibility self-respect high principles good character nobleness reputation prestige superiority forthrightness reality irreproachableness pureness fact lack of corruption repute truism verisimilitude gospel sportsmanship real McCoy honest-to-god truth straight stuff word veridicality like it is plainness emancipation gentlemanliness moral virtue veraciousness good report saintliness equal opportunity esteem reverence sense veneration regard gallantry greatness sublime status gamesmanship reason righteous plainnes moral correctness good sport uninvolvement enfranchisement godliness irreproachability sinlessness guiltlessness erectness verticality perpendicularity boldness courtliness bravery knighthood knightliness piousness piety acceptability realness smallness merit heroism daring valour intrepidity knight errantry honourability excellence meritoriousness value courtly manners knightly code constancy quality beneficence benefit ethicality grace nobility of soul nobility of spirit obligingness advantage kindheartedness mercy validity permissibility good will admissibleness valor legitimateness licitness constitutionality admissibility liberty freedom isonomy coequality limited scope authority defendability accordance with the law equal treatment non-discrimination civil rights social justice fair practice equal rights

Trái nghĩa của neutralism

neutralism Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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