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  • bất cứ lúc nào

Phó từ

At some time in the future
someday eventually ultimately finally sometime yet sooner or later subsequently at last at length in time one day in the end one time after a while in the fullness of time on a day one fine day at a future time one of these days one time or another in a time to come some day in the long run by and by in the future after some time in due course when all is said and done at a future date at some point in the future hereafter once in due time after a bit in time to come one of these fine days after a long time at some point at long last at some time or other at the end of the day slowly but surely in the course of time sometime or other after a period of time at some time in the future at a later time some time in future somewhen occasional periodically late former quondam erstwhile previous intermittently formerly with time climactically conclusively at some time belatedly beyond this at some future time tardily in conclusion in the final analysis when push comes to shove as a conclusion in the sequel in consummation at the close lastly in spite of all in the eleventh hour at the last moment despite delay when all was said and done at the end at the last at a later date at some stage as time goes on as time goes by in a while latterly next afterwards after that afterward later then thereafter ensuingly following this following that thereupon next off before long soon after when the time is ripe followed by towards the end consequently after infra thenceforth behind thence duly from then on later on the next day after this and then next day after the event after while at a subsequent time from there on down the line in the aftermath down the road thenceforwards next time on the next day thenceforward

Phó từ

Always, in a consistent manner
ever always constantly continually perpetually endlessly incessantly unceasingly aye ay consistently eternally evermore forever invariably relentlessly unendingly unfailingly everlastingly for ever recurrently repeatedly unremittingly regularly usually at all times night and day for keeps in perpetuum by any chance in any case till cows come home to the end of time continuously interminably all the time persistently permanently day and night at every turn non-stop morning, noon and night ceaselessly e'er without a break forevermore round the clock twenty-four-seven day in, day out nonstop infinitely lastingly undyingly unchangingly durably immortally the entire time 24/7 for always indelibly habitually entire time customarily enduringly dependably infallibly perennially inevitably without fail without exception every time each time without cessation on every occasion for good on and on monotonously without stopping unwaveringly around the clock too long remorselessly without surcease at all hours so long routinely often unrelentingly religiously methodically oftentimes tirelessly ofttimes frequently steadily for all eternity until Kingdom come till the end of time until the end of time for evermore till Doomsday until doomsday to a finish until the twelfth of never for good and all for aye till death do us part till you're blue in the face for ever and ever world without end till blue in the face in perpetuity till the cows come home to the end for all time until hell freezes over now and forever until kingdom come till hell freezes over until the cows come home for a lifetime for ever more for life for an infinite amount of time much sempiternally oft hourly again and again without rest time and time again thick and fast over and over time and again over and over again many a time and oft on all occasions time after time without break everywhere universally invariously unalterably in every case in all cases whatever happens in every instance in all instances in all places reliably faithfully steadfastly trustworthily truely staunchly trustily surely unswervingly loyally unvaryingly firmly responsibly uninterruptedly dedicatedly solidly unflaggingly stably goodly resolutely unerringly sustainedly committedly undeviatingly unfadingly predictably calculably devotedly abidingly imperishably certainly soundly ongoingly timelessly safely unfalteringly impeccably unbrokenly flawlessly perfectly conscientiously indefatigably securely fastly uprightly unabatingly doggedly boundlessly honestly unrelievedly immutably unlimitedly changelessly untiringly accurately agelessly bottomlessly illimitably faultlessly honourably reputably inexhaustibly limitlessly runningly unyieldingly honorably dutifully fixedly effectively deathlessly unimpeachably continuedly unboundedly chronically exactly immeasurably measurelessly rigidly uniformly scrupulously correctly incalculably indestructibly perseveringly determinedly unabatedly righteously inestimably indefinitely perdurably week in, week out repetitively year in, year out precisely unchangeably many times many a time sensibly principledly greatly truthfully virtuously vastly day after day meticulously stalwartly closely straightly unflinchingly normally oft-times unfathomably unshakeably fathomlessly diligently abundantly assiduously foolproofly inexorably immovably unflappably as usual unshakably consecutively devoutly connectedly on many occasions many times over ethically evenly ad nauseam immensely strongly credibly incorruptibly directly inflexibly unquenchably tenaciously assuredly decently unstoppably level-headedly veraciously sincerely sturdily inseparably perseverantly patriotically decidedly uncannily efficaciously irrepressibly invariantly sedulously pigheadedly stubbornly purposefully equably unweariedly uncompromisingly insistently aboundingly recurringly statically inextinguishably classically typically deadly positively absolutely patiently competently unconfinedly allegiantly numberlessly saintlily ardently per usual punctually unaffectedly straightforwardly attestedly provenly homogeneously unsparingly indeterminately prolongedly lethally maturely unhesitatingly piously stanchly extensively hardly harshly sternly like clockwork whatever happened indissolubly approvedly copiously unmistakably incommutably inalterably avidly undividedly undauntedly omnisciently stoutly countlessly oldly repetitiously intermittently inveterately bountifully expectedly pertinaciously spiritedly sovereignly unwearyingly automatically respectably decisively stellarly annually seasonally unqualifiedly wholeheartedly mulishly unquestioningly immemorially carefully unequivocally incorruptly headstrongly obstinately valiantly bullheadedly steelily fanatically passionately uncontrollably cosmically adultly rationally mechanically statedly every day daily incomprehensibly completely grittily unshakenly unbendingly obdurately single-mindedly punctiliously rigorously capably ably efficiently qualifiedly day by day self-willedly strong-mindedly day in day out zealously fastidiously grimly dearly vigorously intimately compellingly convincingly specially lovingly unconstrainedly fussily strictly pedantically perseveratively intently sinlessly immaculately blamelessly purely humbly authentically timelily potently persuasively trenchantly felicitously seasonably favourably unimpairedly influentially expediently freshly wholy unrestrainedly unmanageably uncontainably insuppressibly finically finickily implacably fairly unpretentiously genuinely unfeignedly impartially morally equitably stationarily guiltlessly laboriously holily stout-heartedly unappeasably inviolately unblemishedly promisingly thoroughly unassailably commonly intractably incorrigibly wildly ordinarily generally airtightly unbreakably errorlessly justly inerrably unmistakenly definitely monolithically tremendously conventionally traditionally favorably mostly sometimes mainly naturally occasionally historically in most cases at regular intervals more often than not most often on the whole most of the time as a general rule as is the custom for the most part almost always at frequent intervals as is usual by and large needless to say in general a lot in the general run of things a great deal on average as a rule in the main natch not infrequently now and again very often once and again of course

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