Đồng nghĩa của lose oneself in


Involve oneself deeply in a particular activity
immerse engross involve absorb busy engage occupy bemuse bury employ engulf enthral enthrall enwrap fascinate grip interest intrigue distract divert preoccupy catch up get lost in take up absorb yourself in throw yourself into hold rivet captivate beguile amuse entertain mesmerize arrest mesmerise enchant bewitch charm spellbind hypnotize enrapture consume concern attract throw draw hypnotise entrance hold your attention monopolize monopolise hook lure grab obsess catch pique transfix bedazzle tempt please lose tantalize pull titillate excite tantalise keep busy tie up assimilate enmesh fixate fix commit fill connect mire delight win allure affect soak entice wrap bind compel overwhelm magnetize attach enamour attend ensnare inspire invite magnetise enamor hold spellbound move gladden stimulate arouse tickle your fancy hold the attention of arouse curiosity be of interest to plunge swamp sink drown envelop wrap up concentrate keep amused hog apply corner capture use up devote engross oneself become lost sew up up on be hung be concerned with be active with enlist bother appeal to arouse the curiosity of engage someone's attention be a source of fascination to seize gain snare implicate associate embroil turn on be attractive to catch your eye perk up capture your imagination light someone's fire float someone's boat sit up be interesting to matter to touch engage one's attention whet one's appetite participate entangle entail impute inculpate link ravish kill witch wile infatuate cheer dominate animate fire intoxicate interest greatly appeal kindle subdue stir overpower thrill provoke enslave transport seduce grasp regale put under a spell possess get solace disport recreate become an obsession with ecstasize tickle humour slay relax humor elate enliven gratify comfort inspirit indulge satisfy take up all of someone's time take control of take in take up someone's whole attention knock dead crack up make merry give pleasure to dazzle wow rapture bowl over tickle pink win over carry away sweep off feet knock out impress send amaze persuade strike astound stupefy stun lead on awe overawe astonish overcome daze blow away inveigle bait floor stagger take your breath away take delectate woo bedevil exhilarate decoy rap coax betray solicit induce hold in awe make a hit with tickle to death influence dumbfound suck in vamp catch the eye of tease rouse electrify razzle-dazzle inflame cajole overjoy sweep someone off their feet court make happy rope in beckon steer bring in pull in whet the appetite of come on leave speechless take aback torment confuse blind content subjugate plague catch hold of ensorcell mislead strike dumb control pleasure trance delude trick entrap harass elevate quicken rejoice root to the spot send into raptures groove arride draw attention fracture be a hit with go over big turn someone on hit the spot be the ticket give someone a kick make your mouth water give a buzz please greatly bewilder maintain keep sweep sombeody off his/her feet be unable to take one's eyes off subject tickle the fancy of spark agitate blur glitz surprise charge galvanize call keep alive keep up prompt forspeak voodoo secure obtain own grab the attention of fill with delight send into transports turn one's head score jubilate glory exult waken whet pick up endear elicit grapple palpate petrify paralyse panic give someone a charge give great pleasure to do one's heart good give joy to lead incline freak out stir up get under your skin train rope drag hit on draw in take someone's fancy whet someone's appetite galvanise pump up cast a spell on put horns on deceive trap bring forth call forth argue into bring around put 'em away get one's jollies break one up knock 'em dead put the whammy on put under magic spell get going get someone going give someone a thrill do it for someone switch on immobilize halt freeze gorgonize give the come-on to exert a pull on exert influence on indicate bid sign summon demand ask command stop dead paralyze root immobilise palsy befool besot lead up garden path toll con mousetrap tout lead astray shill turn someone's head rule party refresh nurture torture rivet the attention of stop someone in their tracks haunt hound have a get-together laugh it up treat to toss a party give a party stop in your tracks make a fool of beset taunt sweep you off your feet prey on hearten uplift frustrate thwart badger annoy baffle worry pester harry gnaw beleaguer take over eat up mollify appease fulfill warm fulfil suit glad flirt with placate convert prey on your mind be on your mind have a hold on be uppermost in your thoughts have a grip on cheer up brighten up conciliate pacify propitiate sweeten do someone's heart good give someone pleasure buck up make someone feel good buoy up bring joy to give a lift agree with warm the cockles of the heart make content get one's kicks keep hanging wind up assuage gentle keep someone hanging on set at ease urge win the affection of put off guard convince unarm disarm undermine someone's resistance

Trái nghĩa của lose oneself in

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