Đồng nghĩa của give oneself up to


Become very involved in
wallow revel delight glory bask indulge luxuriate relish savor savour enjoy indulge oneself like love thrive take pleasure take satisfaction exult in grovel humour humor immerse pamper rejoice in rollick spoil take to indulge yourself be immersed get a bang from get a buzz from get a buzz out of get a kick from get a kick out of get a charge out of lap up get a thrill out of rejoice appreciate welter soak up delight in derive pleasure take comfort get a charge from flourish grow prosper burgeon bloom abound overdo roll riot wanton feast increase eat up live extravagantly live it up live in luxury be in clover take it easy live high on hog have the time of your life live the life of Riley adore fancy favour favor exult jubilate joy cherish exuberate dig revere venerate choose treasure adulate value embrace kvell triumph be partial to get a charge from of take great pleasure in have an affection for derive satisfaction from have a predilection for partake of bask in find pleasure in amuse oneself with get pleasure from have a penchant for have a liking for have a passion for get a thrill from like very much care for revel in drink in find agreeable take joy in immerse yourself in find appealing get a bang out of rate highly have a thing for regard highly have fun with take satisfaction in crow about enjoy to the full have a fondness for go for have a preference for thoroughly enjoy derive great pleasure from have a proclivity for drool over have a soft spot for find satisfaction in find joy in really like have a taste for get off on have a weakness for be wild about very much like enjoy greatly be passionate about be wild for go in for hanker for take great pleasure take an interest in have regard for feel satisfaction with take a thrill to take a fancy to be taken with really enjoy have a great liking for take pleasure in take great delight have a thing about find enjoyable find great pleasure like to indulge in glory in be amused by be entertained by be pleased by take great delight in groove on enshrine memorialize crow boast memorialise gloat over wallow in luxuriate in feel self-satisfied about drool be proud of greatly enjoy take delight

Trái nghĩa của give oneself up to

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