Đồng nghĩa của ram down

Động từ

To rapidly consume (an alcoholic drink)
sink down quaff swill chug drink shift bevy bevvy neck dispose of gulp down knock back polish off scarf down get outside of guzzle scarf swallow gulp snarf ingurgitate put away consume snarf down scarf up snarf up sup finish off devour gobble sip eat ingest scoff swig bolt gollop wolf down inhale kill demolish drain scoff down slug slurp imbibe toss off wolf drink up pack away take gobble up shovel down partake of stuff down drink down pig out on pig oneself on lap eat up gorb gorge hoover nosh munch cram down bib cram gormandize tuck into tuck away stuff oneself with gormandise finish toss down get one's laughing gear round gobble down bolt down stuff suck chomp glug raven glut slop tipple hoist attack have partake feast on make short work of slug down gorge oneself on belt down pound down get down chow down feed on chew champ indulge empty booze hit murder toss get stuck into manducate dispatch swill down belt slosh pig out gorge on get outside stuff your face graze on tuck in cram in lap up put down snack on stuff one's face with devour greedily gorge oneself with pack nibble take a drink wash something down with raise a few feed snack mow down meal on eat like a horse skol gargle nip dissipate thirst irrigate sop absorb dig in make a pig of oneself digest ruminate feed one's face peck at masticate engorge take in feast upon pork out on bite lush up wash down wet one's whistle eat quickly eat greedily eat hungrily eat heartily guzzle down Hoover delight in drink in tope carouse overdrink overindulge sot drink like a fish bend the elbow take a drop hit the bottle force down take alcohol take to the bottle crack a bottle throw back swallow down get tanked up liquor up taste soak sponge toast sample soak up nurse savor savour lick up tank up pull on put back draw knock off spoon munch on chomp on siphon chow on pour down your gullet dine wash up clean out fare victual toss back draft swash draught sway extract drink slowly choke gasp wassail syphon suction suckle refresh drop pour englut chugalug dispose drink alcohol touch slurp up take strong drink choke down drain one's glass knock a few back binge go on the piss drink too much drink to excess

Trái nghĩa của ram down

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