Đồng nghĩa của protuberates


To bulge outward, producing a rounded protuberance
protrudes juts projects pokes extrudes pouches swells balloons distends bags beetles bellies billows blobs bilges bloats dilates enlarges expands overhangs sticks out bugs out pops out stands out puffs out bulges extends pouts juts out pokes out bulges out pooches obtrudes starts bunches looms extends beyond impends pops swells out hangs out points hangs over lengthens beetles over butts out pooches out pouches out looms out sticks up peeks bulks emerges sticks cantilevers comes through sticks out like a sore thumb elongates shows up thrusts out prolongs rides over laps over goes beyond pushes out stretches out inflates tumefies intumesces domes fills out puffs up balloons out projects outward balloons up protrudes over projects over sticks out over extends over juts over overtops stands out over portends endangers commands bulges over looms over juts out over towers above dangles over swings over droops over bulges out over pokes out over flaps over cantilevers out over cantilevers out rises above casts a shadow impends over catches the eye rises attracts attention bellies out outthrusts protends mushrooms blows up fills rises up becomes larger billows out comes out hangs pushes shows spreads bags out holds out tosses rolls upward pitches bounces surges rolls outstands rounds out swells up grows becomes bloated fattens becomes inflated becomes swollen engorges wells up plumps blows out becomes distended puffs towers soars rears up mounts seems large seems huge dominates overshadows hovers

Trái nghĩa của protuberates

protuberates Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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