Trái nghĩa của disagreeable

Alternative for disagreeable

Trái nghĩa: agreement,


Opposite of unfriendly and bad-tempered
good-natured pleasant amiable good-humored good-humoured good-tempered agreeable congenial delightful friendly likeable lovely nice happy inoffensive kind affable genial kindly tolerant benevolent obliging cordial winsome lovable charming pleasing engaging sociable generous warm unselfish magnanimous amicable neighborly neighbourly gracious sympathetic complaisant cheerful hospitable winning mellow chummy convivial companionable personable gregarious likable conversable couthy understanding thoughtful helpful considerate lenient supportive charitable patient decent accommodating clubbable matey regular kind-hearted easy-going warm-hearted well disposed favourably disposed easy to get along with easy to get on with good grateful polite welcome gratifying pleasurable palatable satisfying warmhearted easygoing courteous gentle sweet-natured even-tempered compassionate approachable humane amenable soft well-mannered mild affectionate stoical uncomplaining stoic long-suffering forbearing calm laid-back respectable warm-blooded hearty chivalrous moral caring gallant mannerly soft-hearted giving welcoming chirpy cheery civil social softhearted tender sweet tender-hearted receptive benign jovial genteel well-bred outgoing perky refined polished bonhomous well-disposed company-loving compatible harmonious thick-skinned placid feeling sanguine responsive accessible unreserved nonhostile nonantagonistic comradely amusing open flexible pliable pliant forthcoming noble big-hearted sensitive biddable tractable contented tenderhearted good-hearted well meaning loving well intentioned kindhearted upright righteous virtuous obedient comfortable upstanding beneficent venerable cultivated mannered behaved honourable honorable well mannered helping natural lofty impervious smooth ergonomic easy painless content straightforward simple redoubtable noble-minded stand-up respectful poised civilized meek humble cultured modest mild-mannered laid back unassuming deferential diplomatic angelic temperate peaceful bland civilised well-behaved courtly well brought-up decorous good-mannered submissive seemly ladylike dutiful gentlemanly yielding felicitous becoming befitting


Opposite of repulsive or not aesthetically pleasant
attractive beautiful gorgeous handsome great lovely nice pleasant pleasing pretty wonderful clean good decent delicate adorable alluring charming captivating enticing glamorous hunky inviting mesmerising mesmerizing mesmeric appealing taking seductive stunning tantalising tantalizing tempting cute enchanting magnetic prepossessing interesting fetching enthralling aesthetic bewitching engaging esthetic ravishing comely beckoning good-looking impressive shapely eye-catching agreeable delightful inoffensive welcome innocuous enjoyable pleasurable gratifying satisfying desirable likable likeable refreshing kind sweet congenial acceptable palatable unobjectionable moral delectable heavenly delicious delightsome splendid marvellous friendly savoury marvelous lovable savory fine appetizing magnificent favorable fair opportune favourable timely amusing divine beauteous sublime pure mild tasty soothing appetising wanted heartening brilliant exquisite entertaining appreciated toothsome helpful desirous glorious drop-dead seemly bonny knockout goodly bonnie well-favored sightly comforting gentle pleasureful loveable polite upright honest just heaven-sent long-awaited gladly received cool admirable honorable wholesome felicitous honourable worthy propitious amazing fascinating respectable happy copacetic encouraging grand charismatic respectful superb lush fun endearing entrancing desired beguiling luring promising popular grateful yummy delish exciting blessed blest relishable diverting compatible sweet-smelling enviable beneficial therapeutic joyous defending courteous guarding tasteful welcoming healthy blooming salutary health-giving curative mouth-watering restorative inspiring longed-for succulent mouthwatering moderate slight soft cheery stirring genial cheerful cheering rousing thrilling fulfilling loveful much needed righteous virtuous noble scrumptious yummo right straight high-minded venerable lofty ethical high rapturous rewarding nourishing luscious smart chaste amiable graceful fun-filled uncorrupt safe fabulous elegant irresistible winsome terrific harmless sophisticated perfumed ambrosial scented fragrant aromatic redolent neat fantastic cultured civilized very attractive very agreeable very pleasant innocent cultivated unexceptionable unobtrusive debonair jolly peaceable complimentary civilised appreciative approbative commendable laudable fortunate invited approbatory approving commendatory flattering adulatory laudatory necessary useful needed plauditory panegyrical praiseful sycophantic rare indefinite fresh scarce dulcet congratulatory celebrating idyllic gracious scenic breathtaking cleanly picturesque dazzling colorful vivid striking arresting majestic radiant paradisiac unstained paradisal quaint spotless paradisaical unsullied paradisiacal unsoiled pictographic paradisaic ultraclean photographic immaculate stainless fine-looking colourful


Opposite of troublesome, vexatious

Đồng nghĩa của disagreeable

disagreeable Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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