Trái nghĩa của beneficent

Alternative for beneficent

Trái nghĩa: cruel, merciless, pitiless,


Opposite of having an innately kind disposition or character
atrocious barbaric barbarous bestial brutal brute brutish callous cold-blooded cruel fiendish hard-hearted heartless inhuman inhumane insensate sadistic savage truculent uncompassionate unfeeling unkindly unsympathetic vicious wanton apathetic indifferent unresponsive cold unconcerned frigid hard cool disinterested stony severe harsh unemotional merciless pitiless unmoved insensitive intolerant case-hardened soulless hard-boiled aloof uncaring uncharitable affectless ruthless remorseless perverted hardened hard-bitten monstrous indurated diabolical wicked heinous evil obdurate cold-hearted grim unforgiving untouched unpitying stone-hearted indurate stony-hearted unloving bloodless inconsiderate hardhearted thick-skinned depraved hard as nails mean-spirited hellish perverse insensible beastly unsusceptible dastardly hard-nosed flagitious sanguinary lacking compassion marble-hearted egregious as hard as nails without sentiment with a heart of stone unkind unfriendly bad disadvantageous unfavorable unfavourable unprofitable unhelpful mean unmerciful hateful malicious selfish disagreeable violent malevolent spiteful rude nasty coldhearted ungiving malignant fierce unsociable unsparing thoughtless detached dispassionate vile vindictive maleficent murderous draconian inhospitable unrelenting uncivil unpleasant immoral virulent bloodthirsty rough pernicious ferocious uncivilized uninterested uncivilised irrelevant unwelcome tough inattentive heedless nefarious ghastly malign desensitized cannibalistic negligent steely wolfish implacable relentless greedy devilish pachydermatous abominable wrathful against disliking flinty slaughterous roughshod hideous impervious cut-throat uninvolved desensitised heavy not caring heavy-handed ungracious impolite discourteous oppressive ironhanded drastic tyrannical unsavoury dreadful degenerate reprehensible ungenteel ungenial mannerless unmannered ill-mannered unmannerly ill-bred overbearing exorbitant extreme tyrannic excessive debased objectionable reprobate sinister villainous base abhorrent crude compassionless obnoxious hostile miscreant untoward foul antagonistic profligate unprincipled terrible indecent dangerous brusque haughty gruff surly scathing caustic stern tyrannous adverse despiteful appalling uncultured uncultivated rancorous stonyhearted dirty bitter venomous lousy homicidal unsavory catty impure malefic sinful ironhearted butcherly irritable incompatible unrefined uncongenial disrespectful sarcastic vulgar ill-natured bad-tempered evil-intentioned ill-tempered evil-minded bad-natured


(of an organization) Opposite of serving a charitable rather than a profit-making purpose

Đồng nghĩa của beneficent

beneficent Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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