Trái nghĩa của stupid

Alternative for stupid

stupider, stupidest

Đồng nghĩa: asinine, dense, dull, foolish, silly, unintelligent,

Trái nghĩa: bright,


(intelligent) Opposite of lacking in intelligence
intelligent clever bright ingenious smart wise brilliant intellectual brainy genius knowledgeable sharp keen quick quick-witted sharp-witted fast ultrasmart hyperintelligent supersmart nimble apt sensible prudent sagacious sane judicious sage sapient sound astute perceptive rational perspicacious discerning serious logical insightful learned reasonable balanced erudite knowing gifted shrewd percipient precocious savvy responsible educated thoughtful acute cerebral aware witty resourceful well-read thinking academic cognizant alert informed exceptional profound careful enlightened canny understanding observant commonsensical well-informed incisive intuitive practical uncrazy considered politic realistic bookish compos mentis deep scholarly instructed receptive reasoned sensitive slick clear calculating schooled cautious quick-thinking penetrating nimble-witted attentive literate able far-sighted lettered ready sophisticated comprehending good whip-smart capable talented on the ball very smart genial heady eggheaded conscious responsive strong-willed clear-headed penetrative wired neat mindful discreet mature wide awake whiz witful articulate judicial circumspect imaginative creative advisable tactful deft cultivated literary highbrow unfoolish refined elegant polished original mercurial adept tutored strategic discriminating quick off the mark cultured significant bad credible tenable poor plausible possible believable plain adjusted competent taught experienced meaningful believeable sober earnest serious-minded unfrivolous calm lucid healthy unneurotic well-adjusted expert collected weighty worthwhile solid levelheaded pithy relevant mentally sound versant appropriate pertinent applicable apprized versed reliable accomplished proficient valid deliberate inventive coherent important switched-on clued-up well versed well informed clued up well-reasoned up-to-date well educated well-versed well briefed au fait well-founded well reasoned crafty measured calculated showing great knowledge with great knowledge up to date well thought out argute fitting advised witting thought-out well-thought-out well thought-out sly wily streetwise artful cunning level-headed


(informal) Opposite of lacking in intelligence

Đồng nghĩa của stupid

stupid Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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