Trái nghĩa của bad

Alternative for bad

worse, worst

Đồng nghĩa: evil, unfavorable, wrong,

Trái nghĩa: good,


Opposite of of poor quality or a low standard
excellent good great exceptional fantastic fine outstanding awesome extraordinary fabulous incredible magnificent phenomenal spectacular splendid superior amazing brilliant decent exquisite glorious grand impressive marvellous marvelous remarkable sensational stellar superb wonderful appealing commendable delightful first-class first-rate noteworthy sterling sublime terrific top-notch acceptable accomplished admirable agreeable applaudable choice elite enjoyable first-string five-star high-caliber high-class high-quality meritorious praiseworthy premium striking stunning supreme top-quality tremendous unrivalled unrivaled unsurpassed world-class beautiful likeable likable nice pleasant satisfactory satisfying divine positive swell classic crackerjack slick special tip-top high-grade respectable adequate passable tolerable okay OK standard all right top super unparalleled flawless refined quality impeccable peerless illustrious matchless top-grade elegant polished incomparable high-calibre good-quality exemplary better sound best top-class optimal resplendent high quality top-shelf top-level first class top-of-the-range very good top-drawer finest top-of-the-line luxury notable of a high standard perfect lovely superlative pleasing pleasurable gratifying prime worthy cracking competent stupendous captivating copacetic happy refreshing charming good quality breathtaking laudable ripping immense smashing comforting unreal mean rewarding entertaining radical cordial reasonable dynamite neat jovial wealthy rich fantastical cool fantabulous average fair sufficient blissful convivial magic nifty boss exo sik joyous wizard dope mind-blowing soothing premier undecayed trustworthy friendly new uncorrupt clean consummate de luxe eminent star cheery congenial capital unequalled prestigious a cut above noted sweet heavenly delicious nonpareil welcome delectable delightsome unequaled industry leading top drawer


Opposite of morally unacceptable
benevolent virtuous altruistic compassionate considerate decorous ethical exemplary honorable honourable incorruptible just moral principled righteous scrupulous seemly unobjectionable upstanding venerable caring good-hearted kind noble beneficent charitable empathetic humane humanitarian kindly merciful selfless upright warm big-hearted concerned feeling forbearing generous gentle gracious helpful honest kindhearted liberal magnanimous munificent philanthropic piteous pitying reputable unselfish warmhearted all heart self-sacrificing softhearted sympathetic affable affectionate cordial loving philanthropical sparing tender tenderhearted unmalicious well-disposed good decent right sublime pure nice benign respectable harmless inoffensive innocent wholesome admirable innocuous uncorrupt moralistic pleasant uncorrupted sinless irreproachable clean friendly high-principled benignant hurtless safe guiltless trustworthy impeccable worthy godly respected chivalrous chaste high-minded unthreatening heroic excellent fitting saintly thoughtful esteemed lawful creditable blameless praiseworthy amiable understanding aiding laudable indulgent agreeable unimpeachable giving obliging warm-hearted fair meritorious unstinting pleasing unbribable tolerant accommodating immaculate law-abiding right-minded congenial proper anodyne angelic responsible legal equitable notable great conscionable faithful dignified glorious hopeful auspicious attractive conscientious amoral gallant kosher rightful square truthful wonderful incorrupt legitimate authorized unprejudiced purified careful authorised irreprehensible commendable assisting right-thinking squeaky clean morally right morally acceptable morally correct stand-up inculpable untarnished fine extraordinary behaved straight lofty high splendid lovely delicate marvellous faultless squeaky-clean holy blessed spotless beatified unblemished comforting marvelous happy desirous nonvenomous nontoxic nonpoisonous acceptable pardonable forgivable almsgiving without sin bounteous bountiful nonthreatening healthful life-giving healthy beneficial eleemosynary free from sin innoxious uncontroversial slight non-injurious non-dangerous non-threatening minor


Opposite of organically decayed or broken down

Đồng nghĩa của bad

bad Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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