Trái nghĩa của compassionate

Alternative for compassionate


Opposite of feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others
heartless inhumane unfeeling unsympathetic brutal callous cruel degenerate dreadful evil heinous immoral insensitive malevolent mean reprehensible ruthless unkind unsavory unsavoury vicious wicked abhorrent bad base brutish cold compassionless crude debased depraved diabolical disagreeable fiendish grim hostile inhuman insensate malicious monstrous objectionable obnoxious pernicious perverse pitiless reprobate sadistic savage sinister uncharitable unkindly unpleasant vile villainous virulent antagonistic atrocious barbaric barbarous brute dangerous foul hard harsh inconsiderate indecent indifferent inhospitable maleficent malignant merciless miscreant nasty obdurate profligate rough rude soulless spiteful terrible truculent uncaring uncompassionate unpitying unprincipled untoward wanton adverse apathetic appalling bestial bloodthirsty coldhearted cool dastardly despiteful egregious ferocious hateful hellish intolerant murderous remorseless severe tyrannous uncivil uncivilised uncivilized uncultivated uncultured unforgiving unfriendly unloving unmerciful vindictive violent affectless beastly bitter butcherly catty dirty disinterested fierce hardhearted homicidal impure ironhearted lousy malefic rancorous sinful stonyhearted unconcerned unemotional unsparing venomous cold-blooded hard-hearted cold-hearted ill-natured lacking compassion stony-hearted hard-boiled mean-spirited bad-natured bad-tempered evil-intentioned evil-minded stone-hearted ill-tempered selfish stern stingy self-centered thoughtless self-centred strict ungracious miserly discourteous ungenerous unmoved aloof detached tough greedy self-concerned unmannerly abusive unresponsive impolite ungiving inattentive unsociable dispassionate egoistic impassive ill-mannered emotionless stringent self-seeking tight unhelpful coarse wild boorish uninterested parsimonious tightfisted closefisted offensive agitated heedless unmindful churlish brusque sanguinary draconian penurious rigorous insensible unfavorable unfavourable unrelenting impertinent neglectful disadvantageous disrespectful disobliging heavy-handed malign critical excessive sharp numb uninvolved hurtful motherly unamiable negligent surly aggressive insolent brash desensitized unsusceptible tactless abominable senseless crass ignorant detestable irritable unmannered loud disparaging unthinking excited bellicose caustic unhappy hardened desensitised ill-bred gruff nefarious ghastly wolfish bloodless devilish stony wrathful steely unprofitable nonchalant flinty slaughterous close stinting mingy costive cheap illiberal unchristian snide roughshod impatient unaccepting against disliking indurate heavy hideous impassible antipathetic tight-fisted cancerous cannibalistic cut-throat implacable relentless icy coldblooded inhumanitarian egotistic misanthropic pococurante stoic stoical stolid pachydermatous fatherly paternal scanty scant silent flagitious untouched undemonstrative impervious self-indulgent self-obsessed skimpy ironhanded drastic tyrannical oppressive feelingless sensationless flippant belligerent threatening unaware nonresponsive sluggish unconscious impudent strong powerful rigid restrictive limiting imprudent indiscreet overbearing exorbitant extreme tyrannic demanding austere rowdy domineering derisive unsentimental unheeding careless malapert tainted forged fake idiotic not caring unempathetic uncordial antihumanitarian scathing troubled injurious vulgar indecorous tempering abstaining moderate moderating audacious graceless fiery quarrelsome unseemly petulant turbulent immoderate stormy uncontrolled nervous roused loutish bearish obtuse blunt disdainful conscienceless incautious derogatory insulting disagreeing unlikable snappy cantankerous querulous crabby grouchy disturbing irresponsible contumelious mannerless stupid offhand curt improper low angry loathsome hotheaded maniacal uptight dislikable horrible pettish peevish disputatious biting cynical rash unthoughtful undiplomatic reckless awful intense resentful vitriolic sardonic distressing out-of-line bad-mannered annoying whiny ill-humoured ungenial provoking unpalatable unconscionable ignoble dishonourable narcissistic dishonorable egotistical wrong unethical unscrupulous vexatious sour acrimonious begrudging displeasing distasteful galling indignant grumpy testy touchy quick-tempered ill-humored irreconcilable painful poignant stinging degraded sulky vehement afflictive cussed heartbreaking wretched ignominious repulsive despicable contemptible dour acrid embittered hairy asperous


Opposite of feel sorrow for the misfortunes of


Opposite of to listen to, and empathize with, the woes of another

Đồng nghĩa của compassionate

compassionate Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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