Trái nghĩa của forged

Alternative for forged

forges, forged, forging

Đồng nghĩa: counterfeit, create, falsify, form, make, make up, mold, progress, shape, smelter,


Opposite of produced by humans rather than nature


Opposite of having changed one's appearance in order to conceal one's identity


Opposite of to have brought into existence
destroyed broke demolished wrecked annihilated extinguished concluded ruined failed razed lost prevented crushed damaged defeated degenerated devastated divided eradicated erased exterminated gutted impaired obliterated quashed quelled ravaged ravished rescinded sabotaged shattered slayed slew smashed snuffed out spoiled spoilt stamped out suppressed terminated torpedoed totaled totalled trashed wiped out wiped off face of earth axed blotted out broke down butchered consumed creamed defaced desolated despoiled extirpated laid waste leveled levelled marauded marred nuked overcame spoliated swallowed up vaporised vaporized wasted waxed zapped blew up brast bulldozed burst captured cracked decimated desecrated devoured dilapidated flattened foraged forayed harried knocked down left in ruins looted overran overwhelmed pillaged pirated plundered preyed pulled down pulverised pulverized put away raided ransacked robbed routed sacked sank seized stripped stript swept away thrashed tore to pieces trampled trounced wiped off map wracked wreaked havoc wreaked havoc on wrested wrought havoc wrought havoc on undermined battered blew down bombed capsized cast down crashed dynamited fell felled mowed down reduced scattered spilled spilt teared up threw down toppled unbuilt unmade upset benothinged conquered overpowered pulled apart pulled to bits pulled to pieces ripped to pieces ripped to shreds took to bits took to pieces blew apart crunched dashed fractured fragmented fragmentized imploded rended rent rived rove scrunched shivered smashed to smithereens smattered snapped snapt splintered split wracked up reduced to rubble ruinated dismantled told truth neglected abolished disassembled took apart undid broken brake took down broke up stripped down tore down


Opposite of past tense for to move forward along a given path or course

Đồng nghĩa của forged

forged Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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