Trái nghĩa của impure

Alternative for impure

Đồng nghĩa: bad, contaminated, corrupt, dirty, filthy, foul, indecent, infected, nasty, obscene, polluted, unclean,

Trái nghĩa: pure,


Opposite of lacking in morals or chastity
pure innocent righteous virtuous blameless immaculate upright ethical exemplary uncorrupted honorable saintly undefiled angelic honest reputable unspoilt decent guileless noble unblemished vestal clean maidenly worthy good irreproachable moral sinless virginal chaste honourable impeccable unaffected unsullied continent nonobscene pious spotless virgin celibate inviolate stainless upstanding wholesome guiltless inculpable modest unstained above reproach g-rated G-rated squeaky clean squeaky-clean nice uncorrupt proper just respectable refined right kind frigid undersexed decorous scrupulous principled sublime inoffensive polite pleasing high-minded trustworthy pleasant puritanical tasteful polished seemly delicate sophisticated purified untarnished cultured untainted high uncontaminated meritorious wonderful law-abiding happy holy gentle prim spiritual respectful reverent incorrupt incorruptible commendable fresh prudish straight admirable restrained pristine gay genteel conscientious friendly family-friendly courteous faultless child-friendly cleansed clean-living strait-laced noble-minded godly unpolluted moralistic ascetic mild civilized venerable lofty creditable unadulterated truthful dutiful healthy praiseworthy PG clean-cut kid-friendly PG-rated formal well-bred undebased right-minded civilised helpful stand-up sanctified hallowed inexperienced controlled lawful becoming resolute constrained dull amoral distinguished nonphysical nonmaterial improved attractive religious sacred printable smooth sterile Victorian rigid overmodest priggish stuffy conscionable nonoffensive legitimate unblighted gallant aboveboard affable fair equitable magnanimous unmodified punctilious excellent irreprehensible benevolent undecayed new chivalrous laudable unmarred blessed beatified uplifting undiluted taintless genuine splendid agreeable lovely marvellous congenial unprocessed lighthearted prissy flawless subtle harmless unobjectionable fashionable artistic aesthetic esthetic unvulgar cultivated god-fearing appropriate acceptable reasonable suitable sensible fitting unspoiled unimpeachable unbribable comforting marvelous desirous safe without sin unblackened unimpaired God-fearing intellectual civil nonprovocative high-principled behaved unsoiled undamaged unexceptionable untouched honoured free from sin lauded honored ultrarefined urbane magnificent discerning pure and simple elegant fine family-motivated family-oriented family-inclined family-centered age appropriate couth graceful well-mannered high-brow


Opposite of showing signs of overindulgence in alcohol or other physical pleasures


Opposite of contaminated, due to not having been subjected to filtration


Opposite of composed of different varieties of the same thing


Opposite of indifferent or hostile to religion, or having no religious beliefs


Opposite of cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter

Đồng nghĩa của impure

impure Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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