Trái nghĩa của attractive

Alternative for attractive

Đồng nghĩa: beautiful, charming, desirable, pleasing, winning,

Trái nghĩa: repulsive,

Tính từ

Opposite of pleasing or appealing to the senses, especially to look at
ugly unattractive unsightly hideous disgusting grotesque unaesthetic unalluring repugnant repulsive unappealing unbeautiful unpleasant boring deformed disenchanting homely lackluster lacklustre offensive revolting uncomely unlovely unpretty disagreeable distasteful drab uncute undesirable unprepossessing displeasing dull monstrous plain repellant repellent repelling unhandsome uninviting unpleasing unshapely awful-looking frightful-looking ill-favored ill-favoured unbecoming unlikable abominable gross loathsome vile detestable frightful nasty horrid abhorrent odious horrible hateful disfigured beastly sickening off-putting foul bad-looking objectionable ghastly awful ordinary gruesome bad terrible misshapen obnoxious despicable dreary plain-looking horrendous shocking dreadful plain-featured unhappy nauseating grisly unlovable mean normal unsavoury inelegant unsavory tasteless morbid unfriendly deplorable usual unstylish poor appalling unendearing uninteresting dowdy short on looks unseemly grim terrifying unfashionable contemptible disgustful rebarbative forbidding macabre insignificant obscene unwelcome gloomy rancid unpalatable rotten noxious yucky unremarkable uningratiating unlikeable execrable malformed putrid nauseous unspeakable dark irritating unsophisticated unappetizing loathly stupid frumpish ugly-looking reprehensible frumpy bestial inferior functional icky irritable utilitarian annoying inartistic everyday familiar sullen horrifying unglamorous sick atrocious sleazy tiresome vomitous graceless painful styleless distressing vulgar heinous weird filthy run-of-the-mill depressing upsetting unimpressive fugly twisted mutilated heartbreaking irksome disheartening miserable typical dismal freaky common regular tacky joyless mournful heartrending sad eerie unacceptable crude abnormal second-rate disadvantageous gnarled unrefined unimportant doleful rough strange intolerable gaudy insufferable mangled stomach-turning lugubrious unsatisfactory misproportioned peculiar yucko unsuitable yukky cold cool unsexy surly formless straight disproportioned shapeless commonplace untempting unsociable sordid hard-featured unadventurous unforgivable hateable monstruous distorted unenjoyable dislikeable shameful dire exceptionable unwanted queer freakish grievous as ugly as sin unfavourable unenterprising aberrant unpopular unembellished boorish unengaging stomach-churning very disgusting vomit-inducing shunned uninvited charmless unflattering egregious whimsical unnatural banal dreaded odd grotty horrific inexcusable bothersome plain-Jane conventional nonglamorous unexotic unromantic nonexotic trite uncreative scientific vexatious grody detrimental lousy unexciting stolid creepy bizarre reptilian colourless average uninspiring mediocre indecorous disliked rude adverse scorned not appealing colorless sour unenviable rainy stormy weak cloudy outlandish defective uncultured brash tawdry twee flashy loud showy garish stinky haggard sick-making eye-watering unmemorable pedestrian scrawny noisome frightening uncouth out of shape lethargic apathetic staid calm scandalous fulsome unsympathetic no great shakes barbarous wrinkled ungroomed hard on the eyes overweight unkempt barbaric sloppy God-awful scurvy bogging unfavorable trashy standard unaware unintelligent depressed small cheesy ticky-tack ticky-tacky uncomfortable hellish lamentable disturbing unbearable hostile OK wicked infuriating unnoteworthy exasperating tragic regrettable unhelpful worthless melancholic distressful daunting cheerless mundane natural tragical enraging dissatisfying vicious vexing unimposing intimidating enflaming rankling minor perturbing incompetent maddening inflaming riling unendurable outraging peeving incensing god-awful sorrowful angering aggravating dolorous harrowing sombre dreich lachrymose dispiriting heart-rending dejecting black depressive elegiac elegiacal solemn somber thankless unlucky disadvantaged undesired unfavored misbehaving tainted forged inconsequential evil inadequate expected immoral unvirtuous unreal fake sinful unreliable inconsiderable unskilled discouraging disconsolate saddening demoralizing tearful funereal oppressive bleak grave wretched teary demoralising

Tính từ

Opposite of arousing on a primal level

Tính từ

Opposite of immediately appealing or noticeable

Tính từ

Opposite of expressed in a way that obeys rules for constructing formulas in a certain language

Tính từ

Opposite of polite, elegant, and sophisticated in manner

Tính từ

Opposite of too attractive and tempting to be resisted

Tính từ

Opposite of superficially attractive, stylish, and suggesting wealth

Đồng nghĩa của attractive

attractive Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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