Trái nghĩa của apathetic

Alternative for apathetic

Trái nghĩa: passionate,


Opposite of showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern
passionate emotional enthusiastic demonstrative fervent fervid hot-blooded impassioned passional vehement active anxious aroused bothered caring committed concerned eager excited interested moved responsive troubled worried zealous compassionate feeling sympathetic upset keen nervous earnest afraid ardent tense uneasy avid spirited warm devoted disturbed perturbed disquieted lively vigorous frightened distressed hearty ebullient fretting wired enthused distracted exuberant unquiet fearful apprehensive distraught overwrought stressed worried sick on edge fretful antsy intent burning pumped wholehearted fanatical ill at ease rabid motivated obsessed tormented scared raring trembling quaking discomposed militant insecure strung out under stress uptight hassled fiery restless worked up thrilled flustered twitchy intense charged perfervid vivacious animated dynamic energetic willing stoked titillated disconcerted rattled nervy jittery edgy jumpy unsettled vexed queasy spooked anguished stressy queazy sincere devout ruffled exhilarated zestful flurried toey riled irked fidgety dedicated shaken ready fascinated discombobulated pushy annoyed forceful purposeful fierce single-minded alarmed agog beset agitated uncomfortable appetent tortured ambitious industrious plagued angstful go-ahead animate bugged driven yearning windy spooky determined assiduous squirrelly diligent overstrung angsty warmblooded sprightly conscientious unglued muddled zesty itching in a sweat in a flap strung up turnt in a twitter a wreck greedy in a tizzy in a dither mad keen a bundle of nerves in a stew hot and bothered in a tizz in a twit shook up hot to trot ready and willing in a state of agitation bricking oneself in a cold sweat as keen as mustard high-spirited all of a dither in a state keen as mustard raring to go having kittens all of a lather bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans like a cat on a hot tin roof with one's stomach in knots with one's heart in one's mouth shaking in one's shoes with butterflies in one's stomach sensitive enterprising alert happy excitable expressive inspired involved stirred brilliant moving kind affected understanding emotive heedful contented tender humane sentimental wild tenderhearted merciful kindly softhearted charitable warmhearted kindhearted careful melodramatic poignant hard-working roused cheerful stimulated buoyant cheery blissful joyful jubilant joyous gladsome open alive and kicking hurried susceptible exciting haunting feverish busy stirring touching powerful strong touched dramatic heartbreaking impactful awake friendly desirous unnerved harrowing vibrant heated thrilling affectionate nice uplifting curious over-sentimental heart-warming tear-jerking soul-stirring heart-rending gentle red-hot quick-tempered hyper uplifted empathetic effusive empathic aware interesting careworn whole-hearted juiced crazy superheated heartwarming communicative vital bright biased prejudiced unjust partial nonobjective one-sided partisan inequitable steadfast delighted gladdened buoyed chipper upbeat sunny gleeful glad heartfelt allegiant athirst impatient overcharged quick swift brisk affecting commiserative hungry tireless flaming loyal satisfied pleased sure definite certain frenzied benevolent soft high-strung aghast choked clutched aflame voracious solicitous tantalized tantalised afire thirsty inquisitive conscious loving warm-hearted considerate mindful full of life outgoing glowing merry parti pris ex parte overemotional unreserved gushing rhapsodic enraptured chuffed unqualified attentive impressed swayed persuaded untired alive wide-awake sparky gung ho keyed up fun-loving mushy pitying supportive cloying sappy toiling lachrymose mawkish


Opposite of lacking in ambition or success, and having no value to society


(of a person, attitude, or situation) Opposite of having the characteristics of a pessimist

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