Trái nghĩa của obsessed

Alternative for obsessed

obsesses, obsessed, obsessing

Đồng nghĩa: ghost, haunt,

Tính từ

Opposite of intensely preoccupied with, or by, a given topic or emotion
unconcerned uncaring detached indifferent disinterested incurious uncurious uninterested apathetic nonchalant dispassionate unenthusiastic impassive insouciant casual impartial bored unmoved blasé aloof passionless reluctant lethargic disinclined uneager cool dispirited neutral lackadaisical hesitant passive averse unwilling half-hearted phlegmatic callous lazy listless laid-back unmotivated spiritless unexcited happy complacent languid relaxed halfhearted pococurante cavalier languorous perfunctory unambitious dull uninvolved unaspiring unassertive cold disenchanted doubting unresponsive unenterprising lacklustre lackluster torpid unpassionate frigid unsympathetic low-key broad-minded calm tolerant content unimpassioned open-minded untroubled uncommitted unprepossessed unimpressed repulsed reserved wary unenthused apprehensive scornful insecure carefree inhibited diffident unfeeling weary disimpassioned subdued cursory unemotional unconfident unworried emotionless impotent tepid uninspired unsure ambitionless uncertain supercilious reticent draggy weak flat droopy laid back pessimistic careless irresolute unassured dubious doubtful independent unaccustomed opposed distrustful unaroused suspicious unresolved wavering nonassertive not enthusiastic self-conscious self-doubting vacillating fickle hesitating unaggressive indecisive unassuming weak-willed non-committal weak-minded feeble-minded loth withdrawn loath easygoing folksy unfussy lukewarm stolid homey breezy loose mellow purposeless informal slapdash inattentive indolent slothful languishing lax moony abstracted limp inert faineant spring fever laissez-faire fainéant idle enervated

Tính từ

Opposite of to be continuously haunted or possessed by something, especially negative emotions, ideas or desires

Tính từ

Opposite of excessively attracted to, in love with, or fond of someone or something

Tính từ

Opposite of directing a great deal of attention, interest, or activity towards a particular aim

Động từ

Opposite of past tense for to be preoccupied with a single topic or emotion

Đồng nghĩa của obsessed

obsessed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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