Trái nghĩa của dubious

Alternative for dubious

Đồng nghĩa: doubtful, questionable, uncertain,


Opposite of vague or unclear in nature
clear unambiguous explicit distinct definite reliable unobscure decisive doubtless sharp trusty certain undoubtful unmistakable settled clear-cut well-defined obvious unequivocal nonambiguous specific precise plain evident indubitable crystal clear unquestionable manifest cut-and-dried apparent definitive lucid indisputable intelligible incontrovertible patent sure self-evident conclusive irrefutable comprehensible emphatic determinate unambivalent understandable univocal accessible absolute pellucid palpable exact blatant overt clear cut determined beyond doubt beyond question coherent straightforward apprehensible comprehendible articulate perspicuous direct uncomplicated discernable undebatable logical categorical undisputable detailed axiomatic glaring inarguable undisputed incontestable undeniable accurate defined conspicuous transparent correct known clearly expressed black-and-white as plain as a pikestaff as plain as day as plain as the nose on one's face unmistakeable distinguishable secure marked positive straight discernible fixed graspable fathomable knowable transpicuous pinpoint strict specified limpid confirmed simple undoubting firm decided downright easy crystal-clear unclouded literal meticulous comprehensive unblurred unsubtle uncontestable clean-cut clearly defined well defined in depth easily understandable plain to see open and shut open-and-shut pronounced flat-out as clear as day straight out instantly recognizable exposed undisguised well-known cogent convincing legible distinctive determinative complete express self-explanatory easy to understand spelled out in order


Opposite of of questionable reliability, worth or quality
unquestionable incontestable undeniable undisputable conclusive incontrovertible indubitable absolute categorical reliable convinced genuine unmistakable definite indisputable irrefragable undoubtable proven trustworthy unarguable unassailable certain flawless irrefutable authentic clear cold unambiguous unimpeachable veritable dependable faultless true unchallengeable decided likely undoubted inarguable probable real unequivocal beyond doubt beyond question bona fide well-founded well-grounded without doubt without a shred of doubt sure questionless hands-down unproblematic positive settled undebatable unanswerable honest good accomplished reputable aboveboard clear-cut straight obvious determined patent resolved fair firm resolute safe scrupulous principled secure moral open ethical accurate definitive manifest uncontroversial emphatic apodictic evident trusty decisive lawful marked indubious truthful sound accepted compelling known express concrete transparent law-abiding doubtless watertight assured strong explicit questionable uncontestable sealed committed guaranteed fixable solvable frank trustable unwavering undoubting legal kosher predictable confident unhesitating fixed innocent legitimate square unsuspicious infallible exact foreseeable trusted above suspicion constant correct high light noncontroversial uncontentious agreeable expected reasonable uncontended large massive inconrovertible acknowledged straightforward clinching observable peaceful plain pronounced convincing undisputed veridical palpable unfabled authoritative self-evident beyond dispute no mistake beyond a shadow of a doubt open and shut not in doubt


Opposite of wildly exaggerated or improbable


Opposite of shady or morally questionable

Đồng nghĩa của dubious

dubious Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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