Trái nghĩa của thoughtless

Alternative for thoughtless

Đồng nghĩa: heedless, uncaring, unheeding, unthinking,


Opposite of without consideration of the possible consequences
prudent judicious practical sensible careful cautious wise discreet pragmatic shrewd insightful mindful desirable sage tactful discerning observant smart responsible tactical advisable farsighted perceptive attentive considerate reasonable heeding sagacious commonsensical intelligent politic sound considered rational sane sapient far-sighted well advised well-advised well judged well-thought-out thoughtful serious deliberate clever aware meaningful earnest planned logical profound canny bright calculated astute conscious premeditated brilliant brainy sober significant sharp reasoned calculating informed circumspect appropriate serious-minded unfrivolous savvy intentional deep sensitive balanced levelheaded alert enlightened perspicacious meek afraid shy cowardly timid fearful mature knowing level-headed realistic provident argute cognizant good prepense well-reasoned well-informed advised well thought-out premeditative real intended keen grounded analytic analytical systematic together thinking heedful valid diplomatic well thought out thorough seemly methodical percipient knowledgeable sharp-witted quick-witted witting acute measured conversant reflective kind vigilant sentient discriminating thought-out well-founded clear-sighted possible practicable feasible workable reasoning strategic organized focused thrifty skillful skilful solemn just economical efficacious gentle indulgent tolerant lenient clement lax forbearing frugal uncrazy apt fast ultrasmart quick supersmart nimble hyperintelligent accurate grave OK recommended organised focussed sparing hardheaded pragmatical watchful wary well-judged common-sense empirical actual factual abstemious incisive compos mentis chary suitable unidealistic real-world matter-of-fact decided set useful determined purposeful weighty worthwhile adroit conscientious penetrating pithy expressive relevant advertent artful pertinent applicable ingenious enterprising heady expert educated intuitive solicitous regardful mild cunning crafty observing concerned solid clear-eyed razor-sharp media-savvy learned demonstrative commonsense willful on the ball important unrushed unhurried sophisticated versant instructed commonsensible apprized wilful contrived prearranged rehearsed preconceived perceptible versed reliable fitting calm steady engrossed lively animated intellectual purposive rigged aforethought purposed designed erudite no-nonsense coherent well-grounded switched-on clued-up well versed well informed clued up up-to-date well educated well-versed well briefed au fait well reasoned pre-planned laid-out set-up overflowing comprehending showing great knowledge with great knowledge up to date full of common sense abundant full existing filled complete sufficient attending


Opposite of irresponsible or negligent in behavior


Opposite of pompous, self-important and snobbish

Đồng nghĩa của thoughtless

thoughtless Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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