Trái nghĩa của frugal

Alternative for frugal

Đồng nghĩa: economical, prudent, saving, thrifty,

Trái nghĩa: wasteful,


Opposite of sparing or economical as regards money or food
prodigal profligate spendthrift wasteful extravagant squandering thriftless unthrifty excessive imprudent lavish luxurious careless generous incautious spendthrifty uneconomical unwise immoderate ill-advised reckless foolish irresponsible rash injudicious foolhardy ill-judged unthinking ill-considered indiscreet overhasty heedless extreme improvident impolitic thoughtless inconsiderate undue shiftless exaggerated negligent temerarious inordinate unwarranted intemperate superfluous enormous unrestrained unrestricted unbridled profuse ill-conceived misguided needless disproportionate boundless unconscionable unreasonable overmuch extortionate gratuitous unlimited ruinous wanton uncontrolled gross vast grandiose exorbitant surplus super tremendous substantial immense limitless plethoric free-spending hasty unwary brash short-sighted monstrous astronomic stupendous prodigious infinite massive overabundant monumental humongous useless uncurbed squandered outrageous immeasurable astronomical huge fantastic unhampered whopping overgenerous mega epic thumping unchecked unnecessary unfettered extensive mighty mammoth colossal giant supererogative overindulgent silly preposterous ludicrous supererogatory uninhibited monster mountainous gigantic ridiculous gargantuan not needed too much over the top super-duper bad with money uncalled for over the odds out of all proportion a bit much OTT O.T.T. dissipated self-indulgent high-rolling great indulgent considerable abandoned unmindful unsafe unguarded immoral big large sizeable appreciable ample loose abundant high wild sizable pronounced incalculable handsome overextravagant decadent uncareful willing unjustified debauched humungous voluminous hefty overweening unbalanced permissive insane free-and-easy over-the-top titanic ginormous tidy out of control

Đồng nghĩa của frugal

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