Trái nghĩa của bountiful

Alternative for bountiful


Opposite of large in quantity
bare minimal scant spare meagre insufficient lacking meager scarce sparse wanting negligible small nominal marginal insignificant inconsequential slight trivial tiny imperceptible minimum minuscule minute token littlest measly slightest least inappreciable minor paltry inconsiderable smallest little lowest infinitesimal nugatory slender piddling merest incidental piffling very little smallest amount of next to none next to no inadequate poor scanty limited deficient insubstantial exiguous skimpy short stingy miserable low empty miserly unconsiderable ungenerous shabby needy unproductive unfruitful barren pitiful restricted pathetic light mingy pitiable not enough trickling dribbling lamentable derisory undersized smallish woeful shrimpy frugal missing insipid fractional puny undersize dwarfish dinky thrifty bantam fruitless lean greedy trifling shoestring impotent needing sporadic depleted rare slim thin on the ground scrimp scrimpy moderate provident illiberal incommensurate ungiving weeny minuscular teeny narrow economical mean too few too little mini tenuous sad sterile infertile bitty dwarf teensy dead unfertile pocket-size small-scale pocket-sized teeny-weeny teensy-weensy unprolific sparing few unsubstantial middling lowly unhappy ruined uncomfortable destitute modest hardly any countable few and far between petty faint none calculable numbered singular in short supply known miniature infrequent slim pickings finite bounded measurable wretched hard discontented hopeless exhausted skint needful broke deprived upset penniless unprosperous insolvent strapped fortuneless pauperized desolate neglected moneyless threadbare bust bankrupt nothing simple lesser


Opposite of inclined to be generous or to show concern for others


Having or giving something on a lavish scale


Opposite of friendly and welcoming to visitors or guests

Đồng nghĩa của bountiful

bountiful Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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