Trái nghĩa của tactless

Alternative for tactless

tactless /'tæktlis/
  • tính từ
    • không khéo xử, không lịch thiệp


Opposite of unaware or intentionally inconsiderate of someone else's feelings
considerate respectful thoughtful understanding mindful solicitous tactful attentive diplomatic selfless helpful subtle discreet generous big kind altruistic caring decent polite compassionate kindly warmhearted charitable chivalrous patient benevolent sympathetic tender amiable concerned magnanimous refined genteel polished tasteful nice courteous well-bred civilized civil civilised mannerly gracious cultured gentle careful humane cultivated obliging sensitive pleasant seemly smooth complaisant mild well-mannered friendly ultrarefined accommodating amicable meek sophisticated ladylike sociable gallant genial affable softhearted cordial tenderhearted kindhearted modest courtly merciful good-mannered urbane poised temperate gentlemanly good-natured formal verbose unselfish circuitous tolerant cooperative circumspect mealymouthed retiring mousey timid mousy shy forbearing well mannered heedful elegant graceful benignant benign good-hearted warm like a sport moral couth normal soft-hearted mannered susceptible perceptive responsive giving calm tame touched sensate impressionable aware clean shiny nonobscene wholesome inoffensive harmless unobjectionable nonprovocative delicate unexceptionable pure G-rated charming soft agreeable amenable congenial mild-mannered lovable easygoing humble respectable kind-hearted laid back unassuming likable mellow deferential angelic well-behaved tender-hearted well brought-up neighborly neighbourly pleasing likeable decorous peaceful bland submissive yielding hospitable good felicitous dutiful befitting becoming


Opposite of un-PC


Opposite of blunt and plain-spoken in one's manner of speaking or behavior

Đồng nghĩa của tactless

tactless Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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