Trái nghĩa của insensitive

Alternative for insensitive

insensitive /in'sensitiv/
  • tính từ
    • không có cảm giác; không nhạy cảm
      • insensitive to light: không nhạy cảm ánh sáng


Opposite of showing or feeling no concern for others' feelings
sensitive compassionate sympathetic tender charitable humane kindhearted kindly merciful softhearted tenderhearted warm warmhearted caring concerned perceptive responsive susceptible tactful aware considerate impressionable kind mindful nice sensate touched understanding pitying forgiving good benevolent empathetic gentle lenient politic mild diplomatic beneficent humanitarian benign forbearing clement delicate polite discreet thoughtful careful subtle comforting giving solicitous altruistic benignant tolerant judicious magnanimous loving generous empathic commiserative selfless consoling decent civilised civilized decorous encouraging unselfish obliging neighborly indulgent affectionate gracious human condoling sympathising sympathizing neighbourly respectful polished seemly discerning prudent courteous cordial approachable doting maternal philanthropic bighearted fatherlike goodhearted supportive genial motherly skillful skilful savvy accessible commiserating soft mannerly fatherly having heart in right place sentimental good-natured tender-hearted treating with kid gloves soft-hearted kind-hearted warm-hearted friendly big-hearted amiable amicable great-hearted large-hearted open-hearted treating something with kid gloves bleeding-heart open-minded well disposed do-good well-disposed well meaning all heart loving and giving well-intentioned feeling sensible attentive helpful pleasant good-hearted wise genteel heedful calm passionate civil sparing advisable agreeable well-bred urbane refined sweet accommodating chivalrous sophisticated likable easy likeable pleasing peaceful well-mannered flexible cultivated philanthropical interested observant cultured lax gallant cooperative yielding complaisant lovable patient heeding enlightened smooth cheerful regardful affable well mannered tame elegant unstinting big thin-skinned touchy greathearted fragile piteous emotional open bright chippy remorseful soft-boiled soulful rueful eleemosynary donating munificent contributing involved hospitable noble moderate soothing relenting smiling welcoming quiet just sweet-tempered lively nonviolent circumspect thinking congenial considered smart sad moral well intentioned cautious temperate graceful suave acquiescent accepting easygoing pliable willing compromising sociable undemanding pliant laid-back engaging compliant well-thought-out well-advised suitable intelligent light alert like a sport educated deferential accomplished facile inexact ladylike gentlemanly courtly percipient watchful erudite learned proper formal debonair focused couth discriminating respectable well-behaved good-mannered focussed well-educated well behaved well informed well read de rigueur


Opposite of un-PC


Opposite of inappropriate for a given purpose, situation or occasion

Đồng nghĩa của insensitive

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