Trái nghĩa của lively

Alternative for lively

livelier, liveliest

Đồng nghĩa: active, animated, bright, cheerful, energetic, exciting, gay, interesting, spirited, spry, vigorous, vivacious, vivid,


Opposite of full of life and energy
listless lifeless inactive unenergetic languorous spiritless apathetic languid lackadaisical torpid dispirited dull lethargic vapid heavy inanimate limp slow dead depressed down languishing sad somber sombre unhappy leaden gloomy serious solemn morose melancholy miserable sullen cheerless glum tired lazy quiet despondent low-spirited saturnine upset dejected sluggish dour sulky sedate dismal orderly restrained calm staid down in the dumps doleful doddering sedentary grave sorrowful introverted low silent depressing heavy-hearted blah forlorn hopeless boring peaceful unpleasant grim mournful despairing cloudy bleak dreary worried tragic unfunny exhausted enervated meek mellow shy pessimistic burdensome oppressive close closed conservative unfancy simple dignified pedestrian monotonous passive disagreeable moody weighted lacklustre pensive stolid wooden lackluster demure stodgy unsociable wretched pathetic pitiful careworn gray dark grey unsocial insociable reclusive unfriendly antisocial nongregarious sober desolate shameful uncoy colourless colorless discouraged plain melancholic pitiable heartbreaking joyless lousy discouraging woeful breathless uptight unventilated stuffy high-strung halfhearted stiff unplayful timid fearful cowardly disheartening rotten depressive gaunt lugubrious heavyhearted difficult troubled unamusing disheartened blue bummed out downhearted crestfallen downcast crummy in the dumps down and out disconsolate controlled subdued self-controlled moderate soft placid


(of a place or atmosphere) Opposite of full of life, spirit, energy, or movement
sleepy quiet slow asleep inactive dreary lazy idle lifeless silent dull spiritless dead unbusy drab apathetic listless lethargic languid lackadaisical sluggish half-hearted indifferent unenthusiastic languorous torpid unenergetic indolent impassive passive uninterested limp languishing dispassionate vapid lacklustre lackluster laid-back inert slothful unconcerned weary leaden enervated inanimate dispirited casual nonchalant insouciant relaxed drowsy somnolent tired still cool weak uneager detached inattentive pococurante stolid boring unemotional unexciting disinterested perfunctory cold slack static phlegmatic unexcited impotent heavy unwilling passionless slapdash reluctant mellow moony halfhearted blasé sullen lukewarm fatigued exhausted emotionless incurious dormant droopy shiftless deserted debilitated low-spirited unmotivated bored complacent quiescent unambitious calm uninvolved subdued unpassionate careless stupid slumberous uncaring laid back unfeeling happy non-committal reserved wishy-washy wearisome empty energyless soothing vigourless comatose unadventurous dozy nonemphatic nonassertive narcotic unemphatic laggard lymphatic effete neutral nonpartisan absent vacant disregardful upright modest moral unenterprising clean temperate warm thoughtless couldn't-care-less undynamic slumbrous slumbersome insensible impassible slipshod shoddy sloppy unproductive incapable fruitless ineffective uninteresting haphazard unthoughtful reckless disinclined aloof out of it lacking energy hesitant averse negligent heedless withdrawn loath easygoing folksy homey loose loth unfussy breezy cavalier purposeless informal unstylish plain unimpressive staid untidy derelict turned off abstracted faineant laissez-faire lax spring fever fainéant occasional irregular intermittent stagnant unmoving unenthused temporary aperiodic stationary vegetative sedentary motionless disengaged carefree episodic spontaneous sporadic impermanent choppy deskbound unmoved cursory disimpassioned unresponsive episodical unworried tepid unoccupied unimaginative laodicean mild unruffled rational serene reasoned peaceful civilized friendly unfazed draggy frigid flat pessimistic meek ignorant irresolute afraid unworking cowardly abeyant immobile extinct periodic doubting seasonal gentle moderate frozen content civilised kind not enthusiastic discontinuous trivial part-time short-term leisurely unhurried melancholy otiose supine dreamy slow-moving lacking in energy


Opposite of evoking a strong or stimulating mental sensation


Opposite of giving clear and vividly explicit details

Đồng nghĩa của lively

lively Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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