Trái nghĩa của uneasy

Alternative for uneasy

uneasier, uneasiest

Đồng nghĩa: agitated, anxious, distressed, disturbed, fidgety, impatient, restless, troubled, uncomfortable,

Trái nghĩa: easy,


Opposite of causing or feeling anxiety
calm relaxed collected cool easy happy-go-lucky nerveless restful comfortable tranquil unfazed unflustered unperturbed unruffled bold brave certain composed confident content courageous definite easy-going firm happy indubious laid-back nice settled sound steady strong sure unafraid undoubted unfearful unworried at ease serene sedate self-possessed placid unshaken untroubled self-controlled together peaceful quiet cool-headed poised nonchalant undisturbed unconcerned unmoved calming soothing controlled unhurried relaxing casual undismayed sleepy imperturbable even-tempered detached chilled equable unemotional self-assured unbothered unagitated unflappable leisurely hushed still pacific languid tranquilizing tranquillizing reposeful undaunted impassive possessed dispassionate phlegmatic stolid unexcitable unperturbable in control level-headed unflinching equanimous nonplussed keeping your cool as cool as a cucumber free from disturbance cool, calm and collected not dismayed free from interference free from interruption good-tempered quieting assured secure levelheaded fearless coolheaded self-composed carefree at peace pleasant comforting pleasing natural safe civil resolute unshakable unwavering positive agreeable decisive clear stable self-confident stress-free calmed comforted unexcited patient motionless cool as a cucumber friendly cozy easygoing insouciant cosy pleased predictable unchanging stationary immutable unchangeable constant unvarying invariable changeless delightful halcyon unaffected painless at home encouraging balanced fixed unhesitating joyful mild protected neutral calm and collected moderate cool as cucumber temperate reposing smooth unself-conscious unshy graceful unashamed resting unmoving undoubting cheered joyous uncaring limpid limp uninhibited satisfied gay inattentive unwilling unquestionable passive level settling sane unsuspicious amenable organized deliberate mellow guarded unnervous unequivocal snug reassured reassuring leisured stoical dauntless idyllic good auspicious ordered balmy categorical mild-mannered congenial cushy complacent enjoyable contented comfy satisfying assertive even-keeled implicit indifferent organised consummate intrepid effortless cheerful snuggly uninterested respectful optimistic convincing civilized unanxious gentle sober straight sanguine doubtless unfaltering gracious sensible energised refreshed fresh lively energized activated amicable nonviolent nonbelligerent without a care civilised soft ergonomic straightforward simple kind


Opposite of using, exercising or showing caution


Opposite of strange, weird, fear-inspiring


Opposite of reserved or repressed, prone to quiet, inexpressive behavior

Đồng nghĩa của uneasy

uneasy Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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