Trái nghĩa của severe

Alternative for severe

severer, severest

Đồng nghĩa: austere, harsh, rough, stern, strict, stringent,

Trái nghĩa: lenient,


Opposite of significant in the degree of importance or seriousness, typically requiring immediate action or attention


Opposite of strict or harsh in the treatment of others
gentle compassionate kind caring harmless kindhearted loving mild shy soft tender tenderhearted warmhearted amicable angelic benign congenial considerate forgiving goodhearted gracious lovable merciful peaceful softhearted sympathetic tender-hearted brotherly dovelike fatherly forbearing humane likeable likable mild-mannered moderate motherly paternal peaceable pleasant respectful retiring sisterly unoffensive good-natured kind-hearted large-hearted maternal non-confrontational soft-spoken sweet-tempered nice kindly charitable sensitive lenient calm warm easy friendly clement polite sparing sweet tolerant good-hearted giving light thoughtful benevolent generous courteous good pleasing flexible benignant lax feeling soothing pitying selfless yielding helpful decent warm-hearted understanding bland easy-going complimentary altruistic humanitarian soft-hearted indulgent reasonable relenting magnanimous beneficent bright agreeable supportive comforting cheerful big-hearted easygoing sunny cordial amiable temperate acquiescent pliable pliant compliant low slight unselfish flattering insignificant modest small responsive consoling genial liberal empathetic remorseful piteous philanthropic bending neighbourly neighborly affectionate facile encouraging civilized civilised pardoning excusing unstinting greathearted democratic civil philanthropical hospitable limited amenable complying quiet great-hearted just delightful noble nonviolent tame propitious smooth moral basic accepting willing compromising complaisant affable sociable attentive undemanding accommodating laid-back engaging patient unfeeling healthy experienced chivalrous bleeding heart munificent middling condoning uncruel ruthful fair sunshiny unclouded fine clear cloudless unmalicious enlightened movable inexact balmy exorable trivial gratifying happy nonintimidating unimportant wonderful considered smart unaggressive joyful smiling welcoming passionate hopeful well-thought-out diplomatic wise tactful well-advised prudent suitable sensible intelligent sophisticated tiny stupid indefinite weak unintelligent marginal inexpensive cheap bearable enthralling endurable dull affordable budget concerned uncostly obliging solicitous doting low-cost sympathizing commiserating rueful bighearted low-end commiserative condoling well disposed well-disposed open-hearted well meaning well-intentioned loving and giving having heart in right place sympathising


(of a pain or discomfort) Opposite of causing discomfort by its harshness


(of the elements) Opposite of causing discomfort by its harshness


Opposite of troublesome, vexatious

Đồng nghĩa của severe

severe Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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