Trái nghĩa của evil

Alternative for evil


Đồng nghĩa: bad, sinful, wicked, wrong,

Trái nghĩa: good, virtue, virtuous,


Opposite of morally depraved
virtuous benevolent noble righteous honorable honourable good moral moralistic upright worthy decent ethical exemplary faithful incorruptible dignified principled right sinless auspicious wholesome excellent guiltless beneficent aiding gallant gentle just helpful honest kind charitable gracious humane magnanimous assisting creditable esteemed respected scrupulous uncorrupted upstanding sublime extraordinary fine high-principled nice pure respectable pleasant uncorrupt trustworthy admirable high-minded irreproachable clean fair venerable pleasing mild chaste commendable godly agreeable reputable innocent praiseworthy proper saintly wonderful blameless straight impeccable holy lawful high delightful meritorious squeaky-clean lofty angelic law-abiding right-minded benign comforting acceptable equitable inculpable reasonable sensible unbribable unimpeachable immaculate magnificent great glorious unthreatening religious propitious encouraging reassuring heroic fitting faultless pious lovely calm sweet bland complimentary devout untarnished irreprehensible inoffensive likable happy conscionable clean-living marvelous purified conscientious truthful splendid notable legitimate laudable chivalrous legit friendly marvellous kosher likeable right-thinking squeaky clean morally correct altruistic unselfish moderate responsible trivial minor tolerable hopeful legal undistorted angelical ascetic respectful resolute undecayed new unobjectionable frank open aboveboard saintlike cleansed true punctilious rightful square wealthy rich superior aristocratic divine reverent amusing charming amoral authorized unprejudiced careful authorised morally right morally acceptable stand-up enchanting delicate god-fearing noble-minded stunning enjoyable generous self-righteous up front without reproach anti-corruption beautiful exquisite desirous safe blessed spotless beatified unblemished in the clear on the level pure as the driven snow of excellent character thoughtful affable behaved God-fearing promising bright favourable lovable kindly consecrated superb believable describable imaginable considerate hospitable without sin exceptional elegant heartening calming free from sin remote away favorable far distant compassionate amiable attractive kind-hearted incorrupt sound merciful dependable reliable expected average standard little lucky common natural ordinary small prominent established trusted acclaimed renowned distinguished reputed illustrious eminent honoured recognized prestigious estimable honored of repute highly regarded well known well respected well-known above board in high favor of good standing of good report with a good reputation tried and trusted of good repute recognised


Opposite of inflicting suffering onto others without conscience
merciful compassionate benevolent kind gentle kindhearted tolerant altruistic beneficent considerate generous kindly soft thoughtful big-hearted empathetic gracious humane moral softhearted tenderhearted bleeding heart caring charitable chivalrous decent feeling forbearing giving good humanitarian magnanimous mild munificent sensitive sympathetic tender warm warmhearted forgiving friendly helpful lenient liberal nice philanthropic piteous pleasant pleasing polite ruthful uncruel understanding warm-hearted benign benignant good-hearted loving unmalicious unselfish harmless indulgent obliging amiable unstinting accommodating congenial affectionate wholesome virtuous agreeable honourable honorable philanthropical innocuous healthy good-natured cordial affable lovely civilized civilised ungrudging unpoisonous praising non-venomous kind-hearted almsgiving bounteous bountiful eleemosynary beneficial nonthreatening aiding anodyne nonmalignant called-for legitimate provoked justified justifiable motivated excusable warranted favourable genial nonvenomous nontoxic nonpoisonous upstanding righteous ethical seemly exemplary scrupulous incorruptible principled decorous just unobjectionable venerable favorable inoffensive noble complaisant approachable hurtless upright selfless innocent goodhearted lovable reputable honest pitying concerned non-malignant well disposed tender-hearted good-humoured good-humored soft-hearted self-sacrificing all heart well-disposed sparing healthful life-giving


Opposite of a desire to cause hurt, harm or injury, or the act of doing so

Đồng nghĩa của evil

evil Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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