Trái nghĩa của harsh

Alternative for harsh

harsher, harshest

Đồng nghĩa: bitter, brusque, coarse, cruel, curt, cutting, grating, gruff, husky, piercing, raspy, rough, severe, sharp, stern, strict, tough, unfeeling,

Trái nghĩa: gentle, meek, mild, quiet,


(of things that are tangible or environments) Opposite of unpleasantly rough or jarring to the senses


(of an action taken) Opposite of very severe or strict
lenient charitable clement compassionate easy easygoing easy-going excusing forgiving lax light merciful mild moderate pardoning pitying soft sparing sympathetic kind gentle nice tender kindhearted tenderhearted humane kindly benign pleasant caring sensitive softhearted warmhearted warm considerate polite calm generous benignant good-hearted giving feeling friendly thoughtful courteous benevolent warm-hearted loving gracious tender-hearted good understanding kind-hearted sweet tolerant soft-hearted humanitarian decent peaceful yielding supportive good-natured sophisticated amicable cordial goodhearted selfless altruistic congenial respectful concerned comforting helpful soothing affectionate sweet-tempered beneficent flexible forbearing agreeable smooth big-hearted pleasing civil amiable complimentary peaceable modest noble hospitable motherly temperate nonintimidating bland fatherly happy likable liberal neighbourly humble indulgent submissive maternal responsive interested neighborly empathetic remorseful good-tempered magnanimous refined tiny small piteous philanthropic likeable polished civilized civilised unstinting greathearted philanthropical mindful quiet great-hearted just shy harmless reasonable middling condoning delightful angelic lovable cultivated mannerly involved democratic unaggressive brotherly unoffensive mild-mannered retiring sisterly dovelike paternal cheerful basic well-bred nonviolent propitious stupid blunt unintelligent dull permissive moral affable soft-spoken large-hearted non-confrontational restrained chivalrous bleeding heart munificent mellow delicate accommodating tranquil unbitter broad-minded uncruel ruthful tame subdued movable bending relenting unmalicious servile nonabrasive exorable simple facile mindless effortless undemanding cheap uncomplicated unexacting unselfish genial consoling obliging solicitous doting bright sympathizing commiserating rueful bighearted encouraging commiserative condoling well disposed well-disposed open-hearted well meaning well-intentioned loving and giving having heart in right place sympathising


Opposite of mentally difficult to come to terms with


(of a tax or other charge) Opposite of extremely high, harsh or severe

Đồng nghĩa của harsh

harsh Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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