Trái nghĩa của skimpy

Alternative for skimpy

skimpier, skimpiest

Đồng nghĩa: meager, scanty, scarce, sparse,


Opposite of inadequate in amount or size
abundant ample bountiful copious generous liberal plenteous plentiful comprehensive exhaustive adequate enough fat sufficient wide complete inclusive thorough full extensive all-inclusive sweeping broad in-depth encyclopaedic encyclopedic all-embracing full-scale lavish universal blanket bumper catholic umbrella overarching thoroughgoing profuse infinite total all-out inexhaustible detailed compendious intensive overflowing bounteous far-reaching rich galore prolific all-encompassing large wholesale considerable substantial superabundant fulsome out-and-out widespread wide-ranging eclectic profound meticulous great huge abounding teeming flush absolute nationwide innumerable wall-to-wall global aplenty opulent fertile countless numerous multitudinous manifold many productive definitive minute exuberant broad-ranging multifarious multiple embracive luxuriant interdisciplinary radical cross-disciplinary coast-to-coast plenty countrywide lank myriad fruitful painstaking careful in abundance multidisciplinary a gogo thick on the ground significant big heavy material satisfactory consequential voluminous sizable important strong handsome thick hefty healthy excessive sizeable appreciable good comfortable lush perfect munificent wealthy rife acceptable superfluous cornucopian serious tidy reasonable extraordinary unrestricted charitable dense unlimited magnanimous respectable replete enormous massive decent grand weighty openhanded major notable goodly unsparing extravagant appropriate meaningful princely sound fair sufficing passable boundless flowing bulky expansive frequent crowded finished unstinting giving freehanded worthwhile immoderate marked well-provided substantive commensurate laden heavyweight monumental happy proficient open unreserved OK runaway flawless faultless kind benevolent excess bighearted excellent lofty philanthropical endless benignant indulgent prodigal honorable moderate stable steady beneficent honourable thoughtful honest philanthropic kindly solid critical noteworthy considerate noble exceptional affluent vital apt crucial big-hearted extreme good enough suitable noticeable ponderable remarkable


Opposite of small or inadequate

Đồng nghĩa của skimpy

skimpy Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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