Trái nghĩa của egotistic

Alternative for egotistic

egotistic /,egou'tistik/ (egotistical) /,egou'tistikəl/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) thuyết ta là nhất, (thuộc) thuyết ta là trên hết
    • tự cao tự đại
    • ích kỷ


Opposite of having an exaggerated perception of one's positive qualities
humble modest egoless uncomplacent reserved unpretentious meek demure selfless unselfish self-forgetting self-forgetful unassuming lowly unarrogant self-effacing diffident shy bashful timid unobtrusive unostentatious submissive unassertive quiet unsure deferential simple sheepish obsequious yielding respectful overmodest retiring acquiescent self-critical self-doubting subdued compliant self-conscious servile shrinking cowering discreet unpresuming docile friendly unboastful mousy polite obliging down-to-earth reverential courteous self-deprecating introverted passive withdrawn subservient natural unconceited resigned uncertain mousey unaggressive soft-spoken unpretending benevolent blushing kind timorous reticent gentle unhappy hesitant unambitious apprehensive insecure biddable tractable unaffected supplicatory plain mild civil considerate tentative standoffish sedate big ingratiating gracious reverent accommodating tactful magnanimous apologetic mannerly chivalrous kindly well-mannered forbearing self-reproving self-reproachful sorry effacing cringing possible unself-confident moderate temperate prudent restrained inconspicuous genuine seemly deprecating self-belittling artless ordinary ingenuous unassured silent withdrawing nice coy surrendering proper democratic chaste backward unconfident unsatisfied altruistic dissatisfied discontented unfulfilled uneasy dull approachable anxious discontent troubled accepting welcoming sociable generous free from vanity without airs down to earth


Opposite of able to provide for oneself independently of others


Opposite of feeling or expressing contempt or derision

Đồng nghĩa của egotistic

egotistic Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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