Trái nghĩa của poor

Alternative for poor

poorer, poorest

Đồng nghĩa: destitute, impoverished, miserable, needy, penniless, pitiful, unfortunate, wretched,

Trái nghĩa: fat, good, rich,


Opposite of characterized by low quality or standard
excellent exceptional outstanding premium extraordinary superior fine elite flawless good marvelous marvellous top notable perfect premier remarkable stellar sublime super superb accomplished admirable consummate peerless eminent prime star capital sterling unequaled unequalled illustrious unparalleled unrivalled unrivaled matchless prestigious noted noteworthy choice superlative cracking unsurpassed nonpareil sensational splendid terrific wonderful worthy decent respectable elegant polished refined first-class first-rate good quality good-quality high-caliber high-calibre high-quality industry leading top drawer top-notch top-quality world-class high-grade great magnificent brilliant spectacular impressive quality awesome stunning incredible grand fantastic fabulous amazing high-class phenomenal exquisite impeccable divine tip-top incomparable top-grade five-star exemplary better sound best top-class optimal resplendent high quality top-shelf top-level first class top-of-the-range very good top-drawer finest top-of-the-line luxury of a high standard beautiful nice supreme glorious happy applaudable tremendous enviable powerful laudable dynamite fancy commendable meritorious praiseworthy mind-blowing intense special delightful enjoyable slick pleasant swell transcendent high estimable invaluable bumper gilt-edged presentable desirable cheerful exo sik strong appealing competent undecayed trustworthy friendly new uncorrupt clean de luxe keen agreeable acceptable first-string likeable striking wealthy rich a cut above enhanced potent acute satisfactory likable satisfying authentic sharp positive knockout favorable genuine sure sensitive robust sharpened respected gratifying veritable accurate craftsman-like considerate well-made meticulous careful crackerjack classic stirring credible lovely inspiring delicate real valued formidable commanding dynamic steady improved dominant powerhouse legitimate sophisticated noble breathtaking skillful skilled skilful reputable tasteful profound high-level bonafide ripping immense smashing well made unreal rousing momentous arresting thrilling mean eye-catching super-excellent well-established absorbing well-developed well-honed finely tuned finely honed high-powered radical stupendous dignified dramatic neat favourable exciting fantastical cool fantabulous magic nifty awe-inspiring boss wizard dope


Opposite of marked by a low amount or deficiency


(environment) Opposite of lacking in something essential for growth


Opposite of dilapidated, distressed, worn-out, torn

Đồng nghĩa của poor

poor Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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