Trái nghĩa của spirited

Alternative for spirited

spirits, spirited, spiriting

Đồng nghĩa: courage, disposition, heart, life, mind, nature, soul, temper, vigor, vivacity,

Trái nghĩa: body,


Opposite of full of energy and enthusiasm
lackluster dreary dull uninspiring jaded monotonous tame bland boring lifeless apathetic cold dry spiritless tedious tired vapid weary commonplace dim lacklustre lazy listless uninteresting dead feeble insipid lethargic limp vanilla colorless colourless dispirited indifferent languid torpid undistinguished unexcited inanimate unexciting unimaginative uninspired halfhearted languorous muted prosaic weak humdrum lackadaisical mundane unlively characterless leaden unenthusiastic wearisome drab draggy flat idle languishing half-hearted ho-hum low-key inactive dispassionate sluggish impassive depressed passive cool unemotional unenergetic emotionless unconcerned serious calm quiet indolent enervated subdued uninterested slow solemn detached slothful sullen sad staid casual unhappy low-spirited inert restrained nonchalant passionless stolid frigid peaceful phlegmatic gloomy laid-back moderate sleepy insouciant irresolute perfunctory unambitious disinterested unmotivated sober cowardly relaxed melancholy unpassionate impotent sedate happy nonassertive exhausted lukewarm drowsy somnolent pococurante aloof somber earnest slack sobersided heavy sedentary static stiff sombre mild unfeeling serious-minded unenterprising meek nonemphatic unemphatic morose uncaring unwilling uneager fatigued non-committal mellow inattentive unresponsive shiftless fearful undemonstrative bored incurious banal despondent tiresome timid unimpassioned uninvolved doddering complacent wooden unmoved wavering impassible down pedestrian ineffective gentle cold-blooded stale slow-moving plodding reluctant blasé moony slapdash unresourceful withdrawn otiose unadventurous orderly dormant leisurely unreliable still hesitant droopy faltering unhurried unmoving silent ambitionless debilitated faineant stagnant conservative undynamic fainéant controlled cursory effete uncommitted reserved quiescent unaspiring remote tiring numb laggard unstimulating asleep unoccupied vacillating stoical unenthused indecisive lame stoic pensive soulless uneventful stupid incapable wanting insincere affectless routine unresolved unremarkable laid back jading hesitating self-controlled infirm careless plain doubting unproductive easy fickle mind-numbing weak-minded ho hum wishy-washy empty unbusy energyless jejune vigourless deserted ambiguous callous untouched faint disinclined pleased irreligious lymphatic averse superficial narcotic slumberous comatose dejected cloudy cheerless uncoy drained beat flagging absent vacant unfancy simple lusterless loath easygoing folksy loose unfussy breezy homey loth cavalier purposeless informal demure stodgy unstylish upset unimpressive abstracted lax laissez-faire spring fever workshy couldn't-care-less discouraged lacking needing insufficient useless drudging moral upright modest clean improvident fruitless neutral nonpartisan soporific unspirited out of it lacking energy distant disregardful worn out breathless uptight high-strung unventilated stuffy dismal stationary vegetative motionless disengaged heartless thoughtless submissive feckless dreich bromidic fatiguing expressionless slipshod insensible cowed downcast deskbound soft placid unplayful low unentertaining nonemotional glacial shoddy sloppy grave sterile forgettable featureless wearying mournful understated unthoughtful reckless haphazard unbelligerent uncombative pacific nonbelligerent nonaggressive uncontentious peaceable ordinary longwinded uncreative dignified tempered icy stony unenjoyable irksome abeyant ignorant afraid unworking immobile extinct heedless negligent nondescript trite bone idle work-shy good-for-nothing bone-idle blank unaffected hollow yawnsome mechanical ponderous difficult heavyhearted sorrowful humorless repressed chastened frail unexpressive deadpan uninventive derelict untidy rational reasoned unruffled serene civilized friendly unfazed turned off irregular intermittent occasional unassertive impersonal wimpish weedy wussy temporary aperiodic humourless stony-eyed carefree episodic spontaneous sporadic unpersevering failing run of the mill content frozen civilised kind facile helpless unhealthy fragile impermanent choppy disimpassioned supine discouraging usual upsetting depressing toned-down low-keyed episodical run-of-the-mill long-winded laboured crawling unworried tepid dreamy laodicean lacking excitement bog-standard lacking interest unaggressive pessimistic laggy dawdling dilatory periodic lacking in energy unassuming unsure dallying deliberate lagging steady undetermined seasonal not enthusiastic unsteady procrastinating weak-willed unfriendly sluggardly unrushed tardy dragging discontinuous trivial yielding divided hostile antagonistic lollygagging dillydallying snaillike tortoiselike measured loitering creeping feeble-minded fluctuating nervous introverted torn ambivalent dishonest false unreal small part-time short-term slow-going leaden-footed snail-paced snail-like tortoise-like unstable changing uncertain labored teetering undecided tentative unsettled dithering shaky doubtful weak-kneed in doubt full of doubt in two minds


Opposite of dynamic

Đồng nghĩa của spirited

spirited Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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