Trái nghĩa của indecisive

Alternative for indecisive

Trái nghĩa: decisive,


Opposite of unable to make decisions
decisive certain definite resolute clearsighted determined firm earnest focussed focused strongminded unwavering dogged unhesitating conclusive unfaltering positive unbending unyielding emphatic deliberate intransigent resolved forceful set sure assured uncompromising intent purposeful unrelenting clear-sighted clear-thinking dead set strong-minded decided clear strong brave committed unchanging confident spirited strong-willed bold convinced steadfast staunch tenacious settled dedicated fixed unflinching unambiguous driven steady undoubted secure unequivocal gritty indomitable untiring unflappable heroic purposive absolute vigorous valiant true obstinate courageous constant unshaken stout stalwart persistent steely unshakeable unbendable persevering obdurate indefatigable backboned indurate undaunted adamant unflagging plucky unshakable pertinacious stubborn implacable single-minded full of determination self-confident untroubled free from doubt definitive irrefutable univocal clinching unambivalent categorical unquestionable assertive collected easy cool calm happy-go-lucky nerveless relaxed final resilient ardent unconditional principled passionate iron-willed reliable predictable known clear-cut fierce unshaky feisty fanatical exact foreseeable trustworthy safe dogmatic enthusiastic eager self-assured keen can-do firm in spirit self-assertive tough-minded hard-nosed fearless willing believing unhesitant extroverted ready persuaded tough hard satisfied unconcerned cocksure undisturbed unperturbed lively exciting dynamic interesting clear in your mind in no doubt secure in one's belief unshaken in one's belief undeviating loyal unswerving gutsy inflexible serious immovable unswervable insistent unmovable mettlesome willful immutable wholehearted stable intrepid inexorable relentless perseverant rock-ribbed stout-hearted


Opposite of lacking certainty or decisiveness or unwilling to commit


Opposite of lacking significant or noteworthy events


Opposite of lacking energy, drive, motivation or emotion


Opposite of not physically or mentally strong, especially through age or illness

Đồng nghĩa của indecisive

indecisive Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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