Trái nghĩa của eventful

Alternative for eventful

eventful /i'ventful/
  • tính từ
    • có nhiều sự kiện quan trọng
      • an eventful year: một năm có nhiều sự kiện quan trọng
    • có kết quả quan trọng
      • an eventful conversation: một cuộc nói chuyện có kết quả quan trọng


Opposite of of or pertaining to high levels of activity
dull insignificant trivial unimportant ordinary uneventful commonplace humdrum inconsequential inconsiderable little minor negligible slight small trifling unremarkable normal unexceptional unexciting uninteresting unnoteworthy usual petty paltry incidental irrelevant immaterial piddling frivolous nugatory minute superficial peripheral fiddling picayune worthless pointless meaningless foolish extraneous dreary inferior tedious boring monotonous light nonessential tiresome mundane silly unnecessary wearisome meager meagre insubstantial tiny casual scanty idle ho-hum routine banal unvaried run-of-the-mill dinky nominal flimsy niggling measly minuscule pedestrian footling useless repetitious insipid tired uninspiring trite prosaic tiring wearying leaden soporific unvarying unmemorable mind-numbing frothy piffling empty everyday pettifogging token inappreciable unsubstantial undistinguished mediocre unimpressive average common colourless ponderous slow drab quotidian tame flat stock unimaginative repetitive heavy nondescript derisory bland characterless shoestring unchanging colorless shallow puny pitiful day-to-day lacklustre lackluster vanilla piddly middle-of-the-road bog-standard garden-variety customary arid typical banausic workaday nothing miserable pathetic mingy secondary infinitesimal lifeless jejune stale prosy fatiguing decent adequate conventional indifferent acceptable tolerable OK so-so unpretentious exiguous peanut beggarly nickel-and-dime poxy predictable quiet standard cut-and-dried regular fair-to-middling small-time hackneyed samey tinpot small-bore common or garden garden variety not worth mentioning of little account of little consequence of no consequence of no account small-fry plain vanilla not worth bothering about bog standard not much cop non-essential of little importance as dry as dust of no importance of little import of minor importance of no moment twopenny-halfpenny not worth speaking of inessential forgettable marginal unknown valueless lightweight auxiliary unstimulating dismal bromidic unlively unenjoyable unentertaining limited ephemeral uncelebrated negligeable unhistoric penny-ante de minimis empty-headed no-account feather-brained lesser flippant subordinate diminutive second-rate unprofound low-ranking ignorable beside the point of no great concern sleepy obscure hidden imperceptible concealed asleep senseless vague poor secret unnoticeable familiar unextraordinary infamous inconspicuous inactive incomprehensible lazy futile inane fruitless silent vain unintelligible illogical motiveless aimless incoherent spiritless feckless ridiculous dead unbusy unproductive vacuous hollow fatuous purposeless nonsensical unprofitable good-for-nothing of no use having no effect carrying no great weight

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