Trái nghĩa của dishonourable

Alternative for dishonourable

dishonourable /dis'ɔnərəbl/
  • tính từ
    • làm ô danh, ô nhục, nhục nhã, đáng hổ thẹn
    • đê tiện, hèn hạ, không biết gì là danh dự


Opposite of morally depraved
virtuous benevolent noble righteous honorable honourable good moral moralistic upright worthy decent ethical exemplary faithful incorruptible dignified principled right sinless auspicious wholesome excellent guiltless beneficent aiding gallant gentle just helpful honest kind charitable gracious humane magnanimous assisting creditable esteemed respected scrupulous uncorrupted upstanding sublime extraordinary fine high-principled respectable reputable pure trustworthy straight venerable high-minded fair admirable clean proper uncorrupt praiseworthy lawful law-abiding truthful irreproachable nice aboveboard blameless commendable meritorious high legal lofty right-minded laudable seemly true chaste impeccable decorous pleasant saintly conscionable open sportsmanlike sportsmanly frank legitimate pleasing equitable conscientious innocent reliable sincere unobjectionable faultless appropriate fitting godly wonderful glorious responsible angelic unimpeachable immaculate irreprehensible inculpable estimable notable spotless distinguished altruistic becoming suitable undefiled acceptable exalted unselfish illustrious stand-up squeaky-clean authentic genuine magnificent valid unbribable inoffensive square dependable kosher happy agreeable unprejudiced generous authorized delicate holy unblemished friendly authorised modest chivalrous fit unsullied superior dutiful refined squeaky clean morally acceptable morally correct worthwhile celebrated veracious valuable eminent apt noble-minded tasteful forthright of good repute real heroic untarnished behaved amoral proud rightful attractive undecayed new incorrupt reverent purified careful honored wealthy rich aristocratic fresh acclaimed sporting meritable redoubtable praisable elegant right-thinking morally right highly regarded sterling splendid lovely marvellous uplifting dinkum comforting marvelous desirous safe pardonable forgivable unspoilt above board saintlike honoured vestal guileless strong healthy well maidenly respectful cultured cultivated grand ultrarefined brave polished mild little perfect virginal impartial compassionate considerate felicitous unaffected sophisticated well-bred civilized credible unswerving virgin continent nonobscene pious sensible good-hearted caring evenhanded unbiased mannerly constitutional sanctioned unfailing stainless inviolate celibate above prominent elevated high-ranking important meet correct genteel befitting loyal unstained merciful kindly warm humanitarian empathetic selfless nonpartisan steadfast above reproach G-rated g-rated civilised nondiscriminatory constant undoubted sure indisputable official justifiable warranted blessed unquestionable incontestable indubitable certain undeniable hands-down questionless unproblematic pitying liberal piteous big-hearted concerned philanthropic warmhearted feeling munificent kindhearted forbearing desirable thorough trusty apposite opportune staunch trustable advantageous softhearted sympathetic self-sacrificing all heart unwavering beneficial level-headed straight-up favorable up front favourable tenderhearted well-disposed unmalicious affable cordial loving affectionate philanthropical tender sparing worthy of trust full of integrity accurate reasonable wise formal OK desired deserving eligible favored definite light favoured welcome liked approved wanted preferred appealing convenient useful qualified

Đồng nghĩa của dishonourable

dishonourable Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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